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Freedom Day? The first corona measures are taken – this applies to Bavaria and the rest of Germany from today

Freedom Day in Germany? Some corona measures will be canceled on Sunday. In Bavaria, too, it is relaxed. You need to know this now.

Munich – It was a long back and forth. Questions such as whether and where “Freedom Day” should take place on March 20th, how sensible that is in view of the current record-breaking Corona* infections, and what Freedom Day actually includes should occupy the whole of Germany in the past few weeks. The fact is: Despite the high number of corona infections, the first nationwide pandemic* protection requirements in Germany will no longer apply on Sunday.

Freedom Day: loosening also in Bavaria

In Bavaria, Freedom Day was initially postponed until April 2nd.* Markus Söder* criticized the federal government’s decision to open it across the board. Nevertheless, a number of corona rules were relaxed on Saturday.

These measures remain in Bavaria

3G rule in gastronomy, hotels and universities

2G plus rule in clubs and discos

2G in the leisure sector

The applicable FFP2 mask requirement remains in place. The only change is in schools.
Tests are still compulsory in both schools and day-care centres.

In Bavaria, however, the 2G and 3G access rules and the obligation to wear a mask will remain in place until April 2nd, including in schools or in retail – with one exception: in primary and special schools, the obligation to wear a mask in class will no longer apply from Monday, one week later also in the 5th and 6th classes. This means that students up to the fourth grade no longer have to wear mouth and nose protection in class as long as regular pool tests are carried out. The masks can then also be dispensed with in the after-school care center and in the lunchtime care for classes one to four.

These rules do not apply in Bavaria

Specifications for capacity and maximum number of people

Special regulations for church services and meetings

The ban on dancing and music in gastronomy

The previous ban on folk festivals and annual markets

The ban on partying in public places and selling alcohol

Corona loosening: 3G on the train is no longer available

Nationwide, passengers traveling by train with Deutsche Bahn no longer have to present 3G proof of being vaccinated, recovered or tested as of this Sunday, as the Infection Protection Act now stipulates. However, the mask requirement in local and long-distance public transport continues to apply. The legal obligation for 3G access proofs at the workplace has now also been lifted. In the future, companies should be able to assess the risk situation themselves and define protective measures in company hygiene concepts.

Freedom Day: 3G rules in the workplace fall

The 3G rules at work and in transport had been in effect for almost four months. They are now omitted after changes to the nationwide legal basis, which the Bundestag decided on Friday with votes from the traffic light coalition. This means that the countries are only able to set a few general protective requirements in everyday life, such as masks and tests in facilities for vulnerable groups such as nursing homes and clinics. For regional “hotspots”, however, further restrictions can come if the state parliament determines a particularly critical corona situation for them.

The idea of “Freedom Day” meets with criticism from countries

The new regulation has met with sharp criticism from the federal states. Across the parties, prime ministers have accused the federal government of irresponsibly going it alone in corona policy. Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) told the “Bild am Sonntag”: “Instead of a day of freedom, there is a risk of a day of unreasonableness.” We are taking a big step towards normality again.”

All countries now want to use a transitional period of two weeks provided by law. This means that currently existing regulations such as more extensive mask requirements in other areas such as shops and schools or access rules such as 2G and 3G can remain in place until April 2nd at the latest – but with the exception of contact restrictions or upper limits for participants for events. The transitional period should also be able to be used to seal new rules. You can find the current developments in the corona pandemic in our news ticker.* (jv/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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