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G-20 leaders reach agreement to set a 1.5 degree ceiling for global temperature

The main world powers have reached an agreement this Sunday to set a maximum ceiling of 1.5 degrees for global warming . The leaders participating in the G20 in Rome have reached the pact in an event on the sidelines of the summit on the “Role of the private sector in the fight against climate change.” The consensus comes a few hours before the start of the COP26 Climate Summit that, starting this Monday, will take place in the city of Glasgow.

According to diplomatic sources, the main leaders have reached the conclusion that ” we must act quickly to avoid disastrous consequences on the climate.” One of the most blunt in his statements was Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi , in an act that was also attended by Prince Charles of England. For now, despite being consulted, the Spanish delegation present at the meeting has not wanted to assess the agreement that goes along the lines of the green transition promoted by Pedro Sánchez’s cabinet through the third vice-presidency of the Government.

The British monarch, precisely, has emphasized that “we win or we fail together. As the G20 we have a responsibility to show our leadership and lead the world towards a more sustainable future . Prince Charles added that “we must support private initiatives that incorporate social and environmental priorities into their production models.”

The leaders of the countries that drive the world’s economy do not want to act alone on this issue towards a more sustainable model . For this reason, beyond the work that public administrations can do, they demand the intervention and collaboration of private companies to be able to fulfill the commitments acquired.

Thus, at the meeting, leaders and businessmen have been conspired to work “both the public and private sectors doing their part.” “Governments can set short-term and long-term goals and guarantee political, financial and regulatory stability, but they cannot do everything,” argue the presidents and prime ministers present in Rome.

Public administrations appeal to large companies aware that private companies accelerate the deployment of clean technologies, promote innovation and promote large-scale manufacturing. “Public funding helps attract green finance and reduce the risks of private sector investments,” argue the leaders, who advocate “public-private partnerships that combine the two realities.”

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