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Game Pass will have a family version with which you will pay less

Microsoft is launching a new payment plan for its Game Pass service. This is a new model that will allow you to share your membership with up to four other friends or family members for a monthly price.

The new subscription is called Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family , but it is only available in two countries, Ireland and Colombia, where its price will be 21.99 euros and 49,900 Colombian pesos (222 Mexican pesos, although the cost could increase in Mexico).

This new price represents a significant decrease, because with the usual Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, each person must pay 12.99 euros per month, while in this mode, if expenses are shared equally, each user would pay less than five euros a month.

Although the service is only available in a couple of countries, the good news is that Microsoft is not restricting the new plan only to members of a family, that is, that they must live in the same place, something that has been required in other platforms like Netflix or Spotify.

“We are currently piloting this plan in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. Future countries or regions may be added in the coming months,” Microsoft said on its page.

This new modality in the plan will include all the benefits that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has, that is, access to a catalog of more than 100 titles, versions of PC games, online multiplayer, offers, as well as the possibility of play from Cloud Gaming on mobile devices or televisions.

A new plan to take advantage of the subscription model

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced that Game Pass had already exceeded 25 million users worldwide and this new decision by the company seeks to take advantage of a market with potential and in which it is leading.

The gaming industry is seeing increasing adoption of subscription models, according to a .

Said report details that during 2021, this form of gambling generated profits of 7,500 million dollars, while by 2024 revenues of more than 10,000 million are expected.

In addition, its growth is going to continue and, in fact, it will increase, driven by other video game trends that are also growing, such as cloud gaming.

In this environment, analysts pointed out that in 2021, 1,500 million dollars were spent and this data is expected to increase exponentially until reaching 6,300 million by 2024.

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