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Goodbye wires! Soon you will no longer need to call a technician thanks to WiFi 6

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.- One of the new trends worldwide, in terms of connectivity, is the use of so-called wireless networks, which could mean a considerable reduction in cables in houses, less energy use, and even do without modem installation personnel, since to activate them only an application is required.

WiFi 6 is the technology that is accelerating this preference: a router with WiFi 6 allows more information to be sent in a given bandwidth without the need for cables and without fear of the network collapsing. The latter is key for companies that need to manage a large amount of data, both their own and that of their customers; but also for users who are incorporating more and more smart devices into their homes.

“There is a need to connect more and more devices and wired technology is not designed for the internet of things or having 30 connected devices, it is also a waste of copper that is needed for the cables and a waste of energy. If it is no longer cables are used, this allows us to have a smaller environmental footprint”, explained Saúl Arjona, director of IP Products of Huawei Enterprise Mexico, within the framework of the Unleash Digital Huawei Connect 2022.

Dubai, one of the main financial centers in the world due to its favorable tax system where there is no tax collection for companies and workers, has opted for the use of WiFi 6 to improve the connectivity and accessibility of its financial services.

The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), which is home to the largest and most developed financial technology (FinTech) ecosystem in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, contracted Huawei in 2019 as a WiFi 6 provider to improve connectivity and ensure access to the latest technology.

Wi-Fi 6 gives them the ability to support smart services and ensure the high levels of data that travel over Wi-Fi.

Like Dubai, Mexico currently has a huge demand for connectivity both at home and in companies and industries. However, in the country the use of this technology is still waiting.

Arjona believes that the lack of widespread use of this type of product in the country is due to resistance to the change towards wireless. “(Some companies) have had a bad experience (with wireless networks) going offline, but with WiFi 6 that doesn’t happen anymore and what we do is let (companies) test the technology on a large scale,” he says.

The use of the 6 GHz band is currently being debated in the country, which is ideal for services with fifth generation technology and for the development of WiFi 6, since this type of spectrum can cover hundreds of square miles and offer a download data speed of between 30 and 75 Mbps, ideal for uses such as HD video streaming . While the lower part, according to the company of Chinese origin, should be used freely for WiFi services.

Huawei is interested in the 6 GHz band being put out to tender, since this would allow it to spread Wi-Fi 6 to the masses. Meanwhile, fixed operators such as Televisa, Megacable, Total Play, among others, want the 6 GHz band to be assigned freely, so that they can take advantage of it to boost their business models, which increasingly depend on higher speeds for broadband.

While the use of the 6 GHz band and the future of WiFi 6 in the country is being debated, Huawei is already preparing its new technological leap: the development of WiFi 7, which could already be ready by the end of 2023 and promises to be faster having more than 30 gigabytes.

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