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google-2010 The search engine Google has just announced the integration of a package of social widgets such as Twitter, Flickr and Quora in its search engine. In this way, it updates its Social Search tool , which was born in 2009 and integrated the search results of the content shared by the user’s contacts at the end of each page.

To obtain the information, social profiles were connected through Google accounts and provided results including photos or blogs of the user’s friends. Completing its initial bet, Google now improves its Social Search tool with three new functions for the social results of each search, which will no longer be at the bottom of each page but integrated between the rest of the links .

From now on it will be possible to consult the pages or blogs that our contacts have decided to share, in addition to knowing their contributions to Quora, Flickr and Twitter that are related to our search. The system will also be able to “find out” which contacts are the most likely to share information with each other through the references obtained by Google Talk or Google Buzz. The “likes” and content shared through the social network Facebook are still out of the update package for now.

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