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Google robots can now bring soft drinks and snacks

Google is combining the eyes and arms of robots with the knowledge and conversational skills of chatbots to bring its employees chips and soda.

These mechanical waiters were introduced last week and represent a breakthrough for multipurpose robots, which can perform precise tasks like vacuuming.

This technology is not yet ready for sale. They only perform small limited actions and the company has not yet enabled them to do tasks after the request of “Ok, Google”, a tool that other products have.

Although the Alphabet subsidiary mentions that it is looking for responsible development, the adoption of these robots causes concern that they will become surveillance machines, or that they will be enabled with chats that can give offensive responses as has been experienced in

“It’s going to take a while before we can get a firm grasp on the direct business impact,” said Vincent Vanhouche, Google’s senior director of robotics.

The operation of these robots is possible since they merge a technological language that understands the world from Wikipedia, social networks and other internet pages.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) has chatbots or virtual assistants, but it has not been applied to robots as extensively as it has now, Google mentioned.

According to the company, adding more sophisticated language to the AI language has increased command success from 61% to 74%.

At the moment, the robots will not go on sale and will continue to deliver snacks to Google employees.

Other robots on the market

Last week, , the brand’s first humanoid robot and its strongest bet. This just a few months after presenting its CyberDog, a robot dog with a design and functions never before seen on the market.

Elon Musk is one of the most important products that Tesla was developing, although a working prototype of the robot has not yet been presented.

On the other hand, it introduced robots as teaching assistants to prepare the next generation for a technological future.

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