NewsGunmen free gang leader from Mexican prison

Gunmen free gang leader from Mexican prison

With the help of weapons and vehicles, strangers have gained access to a prison in central Mexico. Nine prisoners were able to escape, including a gang leader who was suspected of murder.

Tula strangers stormed a prison in Mexico and freed nine inmates. The gunmen gained access to the prison in the central Mexican city of Tula on Thursday night by ramming the building with vehicles.

In addition, two vehicles were set on fire near the prison as a diversionary maneuver, said the interior minister of the state of Hidalgo, Simón Vargas.

Among the escaped prisoners was the leader of a gang that, among other things, stole fuel, as local media reported, citing the authorities. The man had therefore only been arrested a few days earlier on suspicion of murder and kidnapping. According to the police, two members of the security forces were injured in the action. Media reports that the criminals had also detonated at least one car bomb were initially not confirmed.

Criminal gangs keep tapping pipelines in Mexico to steal gasoline or gas. At least 135 people were killed in the explosion of a gasoline line in Hidalgo in January 2019. dpa

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