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Halo Championship Series: so you can see the Microsoft tournament in CDMX

Halo is one of the most important Xbox franchises and they have taken advantage of that success in the world of electronic sports. An example of this is the Halo Championship Series Regional Mexico 2022 , which will fill all players and fans of the franchise with excitement this weekend.

What is and where will the Halo Championship be played?

The tournament is one of the most popular in the world of eSports. In November of last year, just a few months after Halo Infinite multiplayer became available, the title managed to reach a peak of 40,000 viewers on Twitch during the tournament’s North American Open Series weekend.

Jorge Lizárraga, CEO of Gaming Partners, the championship organizer, told Expansión that it is a joint project with 343 Industries, developers of the title, and Microsoft to promote the competitive Halo circuit. “There is an incremental continuity of eSports projects in Mexico and Latam; this is a sample of it”, he pointed out.

This championship has a real impact on the competitive Halo scene, as it is part of the franchise’s official global league and will award a purse of $50,000 to the top 10 teams. In addition, it will deliver four tickets to the regional final.

“Mexico has a large base of Halo fans, which was combined with the return to face-to-face mass events. That is why we are very excited about this championship where there will be a high level of competitiveness”, Lizárraga highlighted.

Matches will take place in best-of-three matches for the first round. Beginning with the knockout stage and into the grand final, matches will be best-of-five to determine the top-ranked teams and finalists.

The Halo Championship Series Regional Mexico 2022 will take place from Friday, July 22 to Sunday, July 24 at the CitiBanamex Convention Center. At the face-to-face event there will be various activities, such as spaces for fans and cosplay competitions.

A Free For All tournament will be held on Saturday, in which both professional players and enthusiasts of the title can participate. The prize for the winner of this dynamic will be 5,000 dollars.

Where to see the event?

The professionalization of electronic sports is one of the most relevant points for Gaming Partners and for this reason, Lizárraga said, they will have professional narrators specialized in the discipline to transmit all the emotions of the games.

To spectate remotely, matches will be streamed via and . However, if what you want is to live those experiences first-hand, you can still buy tickets at the CitiBanamex center box office for 300 pesos per day.

It is worth mentioning that to take care of those attending the event, the organizers requested that the spectators present their proof of complete vaccination or a negative covid-19 test.

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