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Harry and Meghan publish an emotional statement on global crises – "We are afraid"

Corona, Afghanistan and Haiti: The news is currently delivering a lot of dramatic images. Now Harry and Meghan have commented on the crises.

Montecito – Those who follow the breaking news are faced with dramatic tragedies. An earthquake in Haiti claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 people. Countless residents are still fighting for their survival and that of their fellow human beings.

Thousands of people in Afghanistan fear a new reign of terror from the Taliban. The USA and Germany are currently trying to evacuate their citizens and local staff from Kabul. A man from Kassel reports on the dramatic situation in Afghanistan *. He traveled to Kabul to get his fiancée out. And the Corona * crisis also continues to claim many deaths every day.

Prinz Harry und Herzogin Meghan bereiten die aktuellen Krisen in Afghanistan und Haiti Sorgen.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are worried about the current crises in Afghanistan and Haiti.

Afghanistan and Haiti: Meghan and Harry express compassion

Now Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have commented on the dramatic situation on the website of their Archewell Foundation in an open letter. The Duke and Couple of Sussex express their compassion and concern for the “extremely fragile world”.

“As we all feel the multilayered pain caused by the situation in Afghanistan, we are speechless. As we all watch the growing humanitarian catastrophe in Haiti and the risk of it worsening after last weekend’s earthquake, we are heartbroken. And since we are all witnessing the ongoing global health crisis, which is being exacerbated by new variants and constant misinformation, we are afraid. “

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry do not just want to express sympathy with their personal statement. They also follow action. Your Archewell Foundation supports various projects and organizations – including the World Central Kitchen. Their employees distribute food to earthquake victims in Haiti. In addition, Harry and Meghan are campaigning for a fairer corona vaccine distribution. You are working with the aid organization Global Citizen as part of the “Vax Live” campaign.

Afghanistan and Haiti: Criticism for Meghan and Harry

However, Harry and Meghan do not only receive words of praise for their message. The couple is particularly attacked on the net. This is how some users become: Imagine the Sussexes being self-important. Others urge Meghan and Harry to donate money for the victims.

British Royal expert Angela Levin also has harsh words: “As with most of your ‘compassionate’ gestures, there is no indication of what you will do yourself and whether the Archewell Foundation will make any donations,” she told the Daily Mail.

Only recently, the former US President Barack Obama had drawn his conclusions from the scandal surrounding Harry and Meghan *. And: The ducal couple could soon break with an old tradition. (jfw) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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