NewsHarry and Meghan: their return to London falls through...

Harry and Meghan: their return to London falls through the water

A bitter disappointment for all Royal fans: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry skip an important appointment that will soon take place in London.

Montecito – Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) longingly awaited joint trip to England is a long way off. Contrary to all expectations, the couple will not get on the plane to Great Britain.

Harry and Meghan: their return to London falls through the water

Weeks ago, palace insiders announced Prince Harry’s return, now the Duke of Sussex * has apparently changed his mind. His decision comes as a great surprise to many, because Harry misses an important and emotional gathering at Kensington Palace *. A memorial service in honor of Princess Diana (36, † 1997) will take place in the London residence on October 19, as reported by *.

More than four months after the inauguration of the Diana statue in the Sunken Garden of the palace *, Prince William * (39) and his younger brother would like to thank the generous donors who made the monument to the Queen of Hearts possible. 100 guests are reportedly invited, in addition to Lady Di’s family, friends such as singer Elton John (74) are expected. Meghans * and Harry’s absence has been confirmed by a spokesman for the couple to the British Telegraph. It is not yet known whether Duchess Kate * (39) will be at her husband’s side.

Herzogin Meghan blickt zu ihrem Ehemann Prinz Harry, der ernst nach unten schaut.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have decided not to travel to England.

Harry and Meghan: They stay true to their adopted home of California

The memorial service for Harry and William’s mother should actually have taken place after the inauguration of the statue on July 1st – Princess Diana’s 60th birthday *. However, the corona restrictions at the time prevented a major event. Royal dropout Harry has not shown up in his home country since then, his wife was last on British soil in March 2020. The two of them moved the center of their lives to California. An upcoming family celebration could lure Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry back to England *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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