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Heated corona debate at Markus Lanz (ZDF): Who will actually be Minister of Health?

Markus Lanz discussed the coalition agreement that had just been passed with his guests on ZDF and asked about the right vaccination strategy.

Hamburg – Normally, a new government is granted a grace period of 100 days, but the soon-to-be Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his cabinet will not be able to do so. As Robin Alexander, deputy world editor-in-chief at Markus Lanz on ZDF, emphasized: “The word intensive care unit is missing in the coalition agreement.”

By this, Alexander meant not only the catastrophic corona situation, but also the state of the CDU, which will soon have to elect a new party chairman. One of the candidates is Helge Braun, still head of the Chancellery and for a long time something like the head of German corona policy: “The current phase between the governments is extremely unsatisfactory,” said Braun, the still and soon-to-be governments shift the responsibility on themselves, urgently needed Decisions are postponed.

Markus Lanz on ZDF: Bremen has an incredible vaccination rate and that without a curfew

Especially in Bremen it looks very different, there the SPD mayor Andreas Bovenschulte rules a city in which a staggering 90% of the over 18-year-olds are vaccinated. “I’ve never thought of curfews,” emphasized Bovenschulte when asked by Markus Lanz how his state managed to do it. “I also think that a general vaccination requirement is unwise,” added the politician, no wonder, in his country it is not even necessary. “Why are the existing rules not being exhausted?” Asked Bovenschulte at last, every federal state has options here, but most of them like to put responsibility on the federal government.

Visiting Markus Lanz
Helge Braun Head of the Chancellery and CDU member
Andreas Bovenschulte Mayor of Bremen and member of the SPD
Robin Alexander Deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper Die Welt “
Susanne Schreiber Deputy Chair of the German Ethics Council

Susanne Schreiber, biophysicist, is similarly skeptical of the current corona policy. “We need further measures,” demanded the deputy chairwoman of the German Ethics Council and was appalled by carnival events where people danced without a mask. On “Are we facing a lockdown again in the end?” Asked Markus Lanz on ZDF, maybe the health minister will know the answer, but who is it next week? Still Jens Spahn or maybe soon Karl Lauterbach? Not only Lanz was annoyed by the delaying tactics of the new coalition, also Robin Alexander demanded that it will not be announced until next week who will head this so important office in the future.

Not only Markus Lanz (ZDF) wants to know: who will be the new health minister from the SPD?

Bovenschulte called it “a sham discussion” with stoic Nordic calm, which particularly irritated Susanne Schreiber, who raised the exciting question of who was appointed health minister by the SPD: “The election was in September, now is November. If the person has not been determined at all, I would be extremely critical. ”Markus Lanz also thought it was a good question, but the man who might know the answer remained silent.

So what to do Helge Braun vehemently called for coordinated action by the old and new government: “The result must be a 70% reduction in contact,” which sounds like lockdown, but shouldn’t be called that. So the dance around the bush continues, which must be for many reasons, not just the complicated coalition negotiations.

Finally, the discussion with Markus Lanz on ZDF touched on the delicate subject of mandatory vaccination: “We didn’t know that so few people would get vaccinated,” said the ethicist Schreiber, bringing the need for vaccination for certain, particularly vulnerable groups into play. “My optimism has passed”, the country is heading for a horror scenario. Here Helge Braun pointed out a psychological problem: “In August the situation was relaxed, no politician wanted to support strict measures.” It was and now it is too late, now the country is heading for a severe Corona winter that is probably approaching would have been avoided. (Michael Meyns)

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