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HONOR, Huawei's sister company, reconciles with Google

HONOR, Huawei’s sister company, announced its new smartphone, the Honor 50, which for now will be sold only in China but will also bring the extra that many of the brand’s equipment had lost: Google mobile services.

“The HONOR 50 series will have Google applications and services. Smartphones will go through Google’s security review and therefore HONOR devices will have the option to have Google Mobile Services (“GMS”) pre-installed on compatible devices, in accordance with the Google licensing models, ”an HONOR spokesperson told Expansión.

HONOR’s separation with Huawei happened a little less than a year ago, with whom it had a relationship from 2013 to 2020 and with whom it relied on its launch and growth as a brand, however, it decided to separate from Huawei in order to have a Proper name and being able to deploy many of its productivity products, such as the recently announced HONOR Magicbook 14.

“With Huawei we had and have a very good relationship, however now we want to explore a more diverse market, where users can test not only our smartphones, but the entire ecosystem of products we have,” he said in an interview prior to this topic, Julio Meneses, CMO of HONOR Mexico.

The company has had a series of launches in the last year focused on wearables and smartphones that have allowed it to have a little relevant place in the world and in the Mexican market, but with growth potential, since even analysis firms such as Canalys have referred to as a growing threat to brands.

Huawei sold HONOR in November 2020 and since then both brands are independent.

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