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Honorary Oscars for Liv Ullmann and Samuel L. Jackson in March

Every year: the Oscars are awarded in Hollywood at the end of March. This time, special honors go to the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann and the US actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Los Angeles – This year’s honorary Oscars are scheduled to be presented in Hollywood on March 25, two days before the 94th Academy Awards Gala. This was announced by the Oscar Academy in Beverly Hills.

The winners are Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann (83) and her US colleagues Samuel L. Jackson (73) and Elaine May (89). “Lethal Weapon” star Danny Glover (75) is to receive the Jean Hersholt Prize for his social commitment.

Liv Ullmann


Norwegian actress and film director Liv Ullmann.

The winners were announced last summer. The “Governors Awards” gala was originally supposed to take place in mid-January, but was postponed due to the worsening corona situation. Details about the format of the twelfth award at the end of March were not known. The film academy only announced that the event would take place on a smaller scale in a ballroom next to the Dolby Theater.

No jury for honorary Oscars

There is no jury for the honorary Oscars, but the Academy selects people whose work has a “profound meaning” for film and society.

Ullmann is best known for her collaboration with director Ingmar Bergman in films such as “Scenes from a Marriage” and “Face to Face”. Jackson has appeared in over 100 films, including Do the Right Thing and Pulp Fiction. Among other things, May wrote the screenplays for hit films such as “Reds”, “Tootsie”, “The Birdcage” and “With All Power”.

Known for films such as The Color Purple, The Only Witness and the Lethal Weapon series, Glover is an activist alongside his film work. He campaigns for the rights of workers and is a goodwill ambassador for the children’s charity Unicef. dpa

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