NewsHope for injured beaked whale off Athens coast

Hope for injured beaked whale off Athens coast

A beaked whale was discovered yesterday with cuts on its head. After a short treatment there is now a sigh of relief.

ATHENS – The juvenile beaked whale, discovered injured in shallow waters off Athens city beach on Friday, has headed for the open sea. This was announced by the Greek environmental organization Arion, which works to protect whales and has taken care of the animal.

The Ministry of Shipping also reported: The whale had dived to a greater depth and was heading for the Saronic Gulf.

Probably collision with ship

The male beaked whale was first taken to deeper waters off the nearby island of Salamina and treated there, Arion said. His condition then improved significantly. Marine biologists and veterinarians even managed to take X-rays with a mobile device – the marine mammal was injured in the head and body. It is believed that he had collided with a ship and its propeller. Various videos made by the rescuers show cuts on the whale’s head that would fit a ship’s propeller.

Arion experts and volunteers wanted to stay in the area and keep an eye out for the animal in case it stranded again. They also called for reporting any sightings, but otherwise leaving the whale alone. Whales rarely strand in Greece – but there aren’t that many anymore either. dpa

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