NewsHostilities in Germany are increasing - Faeser with an...

Hostilities in Germany are increasing – Faeser with an urgent appeal in the Ukraine war

German authorities have been recording anti-Russian and anti-Ukrainian crimes since the beginning of the war. Now Nancy Faeser gives the first details.

Osnabrück – Since the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, more and more people from both countries have been exposed to hostilities in Germany. Between the end of February and the beginning of April, the authorities recorded 308 anti-Russian crimes, as Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (04/04/2022).

“We always remind: this is Putin’s criminal war of aggression. It’s not the war of the people with Russian roots who live here in Germany.” Ukrainians are also being attacked more and more often: 109 anti-Ukrainian crimes were registered, 13 of them violent crimes. She warns the population of the consequences of the Ukraine war: “This conflict must not be carried into our society.”

War in Ukraine: Hostilities are increasing – Fiber chooses clear words

The spectrum of crimes ranges from property damage to insults and threats to bodily harm. There are no comparative figures. Before the Ukraine conflict, these crimes were not recorded, it only started afterwards. Faeser emphasized that the police keep a very close eye on the cases and protect everyone in Germany equally.

At the same time, Faeser calls on people in Germany not to buy flour in large quantities because of the Ukraine crisis. Some groceries are in great demand again in supermarkets during the Ukraine war. “There is absolutely no reason for these so-called hamster purchases,” she says. “It is only through buying hamsters that there are supply bottlenecks that were not there before.” (fh with AFP/epd)

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