NewsHot air balloon floats over Stuttgart on its maiden...

Hot air balloon floats over Stuttgart on its maiden voyage

12,500 cubic meters in volume and powered by propane: a record hot air balloon has completed its maiden flight after around one and a half years of planning and testing in Baden-Württemberg.

Kornwestheim – According to the manufacturer, the largest hot air balloon ever produced in Germany has soared into the sky on its maiden voyage in Baden-Württemberg and landed safely again.

According to the information, the green and white record balloon measures 12,500 cubic meters in volume. It is operated with propane. On the first long trip, it floated over downtown Stuttgart with a group of passengers on board. In the evening the vehicle came safely back to earth in the outskirts of Möhringen.

Before the record balloon could take off at the Pattonville airfield near Kornwestheim in summer weather, according to the manufacturer, around one and a half years passed. During this time, in addition to statistical calculations and approvals by the flight safety authorities, test drives were also carried out. The operator is based in Cologne.

The umbrella organization Aero Club has fundamental concerns about operating large hot air balloons. “These are unbelievable masses that are being moved,” said the board member of the Federal Ballon Commission in the Aero Club, Wilhelm Eimers. “Such a balloon is very difficult to fly.” Dpa

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