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Hot Sale: are the Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro offers worth it?

Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro are already in the Hot Sale. The department store chains kicked off this week with the display of discounts and promotions on their online channels, in the run-up to the Nightly Sales and promotions for Father’s Day.

For analysts, the Hot Sale is a good opportunity for companies to get rid of stock out of season, in addition to an increase in the volume of digital transactions, which results in a benefit for companies.

Carlos Hermosillo, an independent stock market analyst, comments that the Hot Sale is an interesting promotional effort, but compared to the Night Sales, both at Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool, the effect on sales will be less. This is because while the nights of offers only occur in the stores of these companies, more marketplaces participate in the Hot Sale where products on offer or promotion can be purchased.

“Compared to overnight sales, the Hot Sale should be less pronounced in its average daily sale. Despite this, by having a longer duration, it should have a positive effect on the income of the departmental stores and also generate some additional traffic and improve the ticket”, he refers.

Clothes, shoes or durable goods?

For buyers, the Hot Sale 2022 is also an opportunity. Ramón Martínez Juárez, an academic at the Commercial Banking School (EBC), comments that the most sought after are merchandise from categories such as technology or white line, since this type of promotion gives the opportunity to acquire them in deferred payments without interest in an inflationary environment. . The specialist, however, also warns of a risk of over-indebtedness.

“If we know how to use the card properly, our financial costs for doing so can be adjusted to zero, that is why these installments are a good alternative and it is attractive. It is the way in which a person can acquire goods that are sometimes expensive. and that you could buy with these facilities”, he declares.

The academic adds that, in addition to offers and promotions, other benefits that are often attractive to consumers are compensation for a certain percentage of purchases.

liverpool discounts

Since the start of the Hot Sale, on May 23, Liverpool began to spread its offers on its social networks and also in emails sent to users of its departmental cards.

The chain directed by Graciano Guichard announces a 50% discount on furniture and up to 51% discount on white goods. The discounts extend to departments such as watches, children’s, audio, photo and video merchandise.

The screens also have a discount, but it is by model and brand. For example, a 50-inch 4K Samsung LED Smart TV reduced its price to 10,999 pesos, from 19,999 pesos, according to information on its website.

The company, which displays its offer for Hot Sale with the slogan “Discounts without stories”, has not been able to escape the inquisitive eye of consumers during sales seasons or special promotions. Some of them have noticed that in the Liverpool Pocket application there is

In addition to the discounts, the department store also seeks to encourage purchases with its cards during the Hot Sale. Liverpool discounts 500 pesos in accumulated purchases of 5,000 pesos, under some conditions, such as that the purchase is made with the cardholder’s card, not with the additional ones. It also offers months without interest.

Iron Palace offers and discounts

Palacio de Hierro has not been left behind with the promotions and offers quadruple points on accumulated purchases of 7,000 pesos made with your credit card. In purchases of more than 5,000 points are tripled. Payments can be deferred up to 18 months without interest.

In addition, it offers products with up to 50% discount in categories such as bags, and they rise to 60% in categories such as screens. For example, a 55-inch LG OLED smart TV, 4k high definition, reduced its price from 69,999 pesos to 22,049.55 pesos.

The offers extend to other categories: 25% on mobile telephony, 50% on footwear, 30% on tennis shoes and 50% on bags, to name just a few.

The Hot Sale takes place from the 23rd to the 31st of May. It is an initiative of the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), and you can only find offers in the online stores of each of the retailers.

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