NewsHow much does Omikron threaten the clinics? Bavarian cabinet...

How much does Omikron threaten the clinics? Bavarian cabinet meets on Monday – results live here

The Omikron wave is spilling over to Bavaria. The number of infections is skyrocketing. How threatening is Corona in this variant? The Bavarian cabinet meets on Monday

  • The incidence in Bavaria has continued to rise (see update from January 17, 6:06 a.m.).
  • The Bavarian cabinet meets on Monday (see first report).
  • This ticker is updated regularly.

Update from January 17, 6:06 a.m .: The incidence in Bavaria has continued to rise. On Monday, the RKI reported a value of 551.5 (previous day: 527.4). The number 1 hotspot is now the city of Ingolstadt (866.0) followed by Munich (859.7) and the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen (828.3)

How much does Omikron threaten the clinics? Bavarian cabinet meets on Monday – results live here

Munich – The Omicron wave has arrived in Bavaria. On Sunday, Munich became the number 1 hotspot in Bavaria with a seven-day incidence of 829.4. Ingolstadt follows in second place 820. The rapidly increasing numbers are remarkable because the reported infection numbers on Sunday and Monday are traditionally lower than the actual situation suggests, since the health authorities report less to the RKI at the weekend. According to all pandemic rules, a rapid jump in the number of infections should be expected by Tuesday at the latest.

Corona in Bavaria: how bad is omicron in unvaccinated people?

The big question for politicians remains: How badly are the intensive care units burdened by Omikron? If the current infection numbers were still linked to the delta variant, new restrictions, including for vaccinated people, would have to be considered now. But Omicron is supposed to be milder, the Spaniards consider it flu-like. In contrast to Bavaria, however, they also have a significantly higher vaccination rate. And that remains the big unknown: How do the many unvaccinated people in Bavaria react to an omicron infection?

Corona in Bavaria: Cabinet meets on Monday – press conference live here

Under these conditions, the Bavarian cabinet will meet on Monday (January 17) at 10 a.m. to assess the current corona situation. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) wants to announce the results in a press conference. Pressure comes mainly from the relaxation team. “Sensible improvements are urgently possible and necessary in the entire cultural sector: With 2G plus and masks and compliance with suitable distances, we want to allow 50 percent of the viewers again,” said the health policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, Ruth Waldmann. The Bavarian Music Council is even pushing for cultural events to be used up to a maximum of 75 percent – so far only 25 percent are allowed.

The Bayerische Jugendring (BJR) demanded that the 2G access restriction for youth work offers be overturned. “Why a group of young people are allowed to meet in a restaurant or at a gas station, but not in the youth center – I still don’t understand it and it’s absurd,” said BJR President Matthias Fack on Sunday.

Of course, Markus Söder still sets the course in Bavaria. But he also made an unusually moderate statement to our editors on Friday:

“We now need a broader approach, especially at Omikron. It will no longer be enough to only look at the situation from a medical and virological point of view. We must also pay more attention to the societal and social component. Our society is not divided into two equal parts, but it is divided. A small group of lateral thinkers with very abstruse arguments, a large group of very cautious people, but also some who have followed all the rules but are exhausted and tired and are beginning to doubt the sense of some regulations.

You can read the results of the press conference live here in the ticker. Until then: Our Bayern newsletter will keep you informed of all the important stories from Bavaria. Sign up here.

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