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I Very Young Scientists Awards

Women are better at doing crosswords

A new study has revealed that women have a 'small but robust' advantage over time.

Iran Police Issue Warning: They Will Act 'With All Their Forces' Against Protests

After 12, the Iranians demonstrated in the main cities of the country for the death of Mahsa Amina, a young woman of 22 detained by the morality police.

Lynn Margulis and the Endosymbiotic Theory | Great Bioresearchers

Lynn Margulis's Endosymbiotic Theory was a paradigm shift that between its lights and shadows managed to give a new way of understanding evolution, placing cooperative processes between microorganisms as an alternative to evolution through mutation.

Margarita Salas vs. the PCR | Great Bioresearchers

The researcher Margarita Salas is one of the most important figures in Spanish science.

Barbara McClintock, what is a transposon? | Great Bioresearchers

Barbara McClintock alone won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1983 for her discovery of transposons, but... what are transposons?