EconomyIEPS fees on gasoline rise for the second week...

IEPS fees on gasoline rise for the second week in a row

As of today, Saturday, September 10, and until Friday, September 16, the IEPS fees for gasoline will be 1.47 pesos per liter of Magna; and 2.14 pesos per liter of Premium. With this, the Treasury adds two consecutive weeks in which the percentage to be collected of the total quota established for this year rises, that is, the subsidies have decreased.

The amounts to be collected began to rise in the week of September 3 to 9, in line with the decline in crude oil prices globally, while the price per liter of Diesel remains the same and with it the IEPS tax subsidy federal, since this fuel still has 100% of the subsidy, so it is exempt from the collection of the IEPS fee.

Three weeks ago, the fee per liter of Magna was 0.25 pesos per liter, for the Premium 0.86 pesos per liter, details information from the Official Gazette of the Federation on September 9.

At the end of July, the Ministry of the Treasury began to reduce the stimuli for Premium and Magna gasoline in view of the fact that their reference prices began to fall worldwide.

Previously, since February, with the increases in oil prices worldwide, the fiscal stimulus was 100% for the three types of automotive fuels, plus additional incentives for producers and importers.

When the price of gasoline rises worldwide, the government provides a fiscal stimulus by ceasing to charge or reducing the IEPS fee, and which is charged in the final price to the consumer, thus cushioning the impact of increases in fuel. When the price of gasoline falls, the Ministry of Finance has a margin to reduce the stimulus and collect IEPS.

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