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If you work on September 16, this corresponds to you to charge for being a holiday

This 2022 commemorates another year of the cry of Independence, which is one of the great festivities of Mexicans and in which celebrations are held in public squares, in the mayor’s offices, in the Zócalo of Mexico City, in addition to the fact that the Most people celebrate with typical dishes with their families in the so-called “Mexican nights”.

However, not everything is a party for those who, due to their profession or trade, need to go to their workplaces. so a doubt arises whether they pay it or not, according to what is stipulated by Mexican law.

How do I get paid if I work on a holiday?

The Federal Labor Law stipulates that:

“The workers will be obliged to provide the services and will have the right to be paid, regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the mandatory rest, a double salary for the service provided.”

How should I pay on September 15?

The official holiday and that is stipulated is not September 15, it is 16, so the payment must be doubled. In accordance with article 75 of this law, if your salary per day is 500 pesos, in your next pay period you must receive an extra thousand pesos for having had a working day on September 16.

In the event that the work of the holiday is not covered, the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor puts at your disposal the telephone numbers 01800 911 7877 and 01 800 717 2942 for the entire Mexican Republic, as well as the email [email protected], where guidance will be provided free of charge.

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