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Ikea will increase its prices by 9% in 2022 due to inflation

Swedish furniture giant Ikea will increase its prices by 9% on average in 2022 due to persistent problems of shortages of raw materials and higher transport costs, the group that owns almost all of its stores announced on Thursday.

"Unfortunately, for the first time since higher costs began to affect the world economy, we are going to have to pass on certain price increases to our customers," said Ingka Group, an Ikea company that groups more than 90% of its establishments. .

"Like numerous other sectors, Ikea continues to face significant stresses in transportation and commodities that drive prices up, with no hiatus in sight in the near future. Disruptions are expected for most of 2022," said Ingka, headquartered. in the Netherlands.

According to Ingka, the main consequences on prices "will be particularly noticeable in North America and Europe."

"The average price increase in Ingka Group will be 9% worldwide, with variations according to the countries of the group and the range, reflecting local inflationary pressures," he said.

Until now, Ikea has absorbed the costs derived from logistical problems in the world economy, caused especially by the burst of demand after emerging from the first phase of the pandemic.

These disruptions in supply chains and shortages of essential products have strongly accelerated inflation in many countries around the world.

At the same time there has been an increase in the price of raw materials such as wood, copper or steel and energy (crude, gas, electricity).

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