EconomyFinancialIn Mexico, 25 million fragrances were sold in 2021

In Mexico, 25 million fragrances were sold in 2021

In Mexico during 2021, more than 25 million fragrances were sold, of that figure the firm Jafra managed to sell 5 million perfumes and with this it owns 20% of the market in the country and is the company that sells the most fragrances in Mexico.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) in its Monthly Survey of the Manufacturing Industry, the production of perfumes in Mexico is on average 4.13 million units per month this year, a figure that represents a growth of 4.8% with respect to the level 2021, and the sector expects it to remain in 2022.

According to official figures and data from the market consultant Kantar, a world leader in data, insights and consulting, the numbers are expected to remain the same in 2022.

“Part of this better dynamism is due to the fact that they are producing and introducing sustainable natural fragrances to the Mexican market, which is one of the trends consumers are turning towards,” Jafra’s Director of Innovation, Elsa Delgado, explained to EFE .

He added that the multilevel company -which has achieved leadership in sales nationwide- “is constantly developing new ideas for the consumer.”

An example of this is its You Bloom fragrance, awarded for its packaging created with recycled and biodegradable materials.

“The people who offer our products have the confidence to bring aromas into homes that are known and expected,” said Delgado.

According to the Kantar figure, Jafra conquered a fifth of the fragrance market in Mexico, the same figure that it expects to maintain this year.

“The multilevel company with more than 40 years in our country ranks first in fragrance sales in Mexico,” said the market consultant.

He noted that Jafra’s “JF9” and “Double Nature” brands ranked first in sales for men’s and women’s fragrances, respectively.

According to market figures, in Mexico, households that buy fragrances are willing to buy 2.7 units per year, while households that buy Jafra purchase 1.8 units per year.

The Jafra firm was born in 1979 and due to its rapid growth, it demanded the construction of its own infrastructure.

It currently has a production plant located in the city of Querétaro, central Mexico, in an area of almost eight hectares, where it produces beauty and personal care products designed to meet both the Mexican demand and that of other countries.

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