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Incidence in Bavaria again at a record high – but further easing applies “from Saturday morning”

The corona incidence in Bavaria has risen to a new record. This is also not without consequences for the students. Nevertheless, some loosening will apply from Saturday.

  • Corona * in Bavaria: seven-day incidence * rises to a record high.
  • Despite the high number of infections: Many corona loosening from Saturday in the Free State.
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Update from March 19, 10:18 a.m .: The current corona trend in the Free State continues. On Saturday morning, the incidence reached a record high again. The RKI reported a value of 2,175.3 for Bavaria – an increase of around 33 compared to the previous day (2,141.9).

In the past few days, the incidence had increased almost daily. Nationwide it was 1,735 on Saturday – that’s also an all-time high. The health authorities in the Free State reported 49,503 new infections within one day. Bavaria’s corona leader is currently the Lower Franconian district of Haßberge with an incidence of 3259, followed by the district of Cham with 3258.5.

Corona in Bavaria: Incidence continues to rise – many students miss face-to-face lessons

The current corona development is not without consequences for the schoolchildren either: recently, around every 20th schoolchild in the Free State has missed face-to-face lessons. As of Friday, March 18, 3.52 percent were missing because of a positive test – and another 1.59 percent because of quarantine, as reported by the Ministry of Education. For comparison: A week earlier, every 22nd student was affected.

Many childcare facilities have also been hard hit by the pandemic. According to information from the Ministry of Social Affairs, 4.22 percent of the approximately 10,200 facilities were affected by closures as of Friday. In about every tenth daycare center, more intensive testing was also carried out after individual corona cases.

Despite the high incidence in Bavaria: many loosening from Saturday

Nevertheless, a number of corona rules are being relaxed in Bavaria: Among other things, there are no upper capacity and person limits for events as of today, as well as the ban on dancing and music in the catering trade. Until April 2nd, the 2G and 3G access rules and the mask requirement will remain in Bavaria, also in schools or in retail.

Update from March 18, 12:32 p.m .: The Corona requirements on Bavaria’s cable cars are relaxed. “We will treat cable cars in Bavaria like public transport from Saturday morning,” said Head of State Florian Herrmann on Friday of the German Press Agency. There will then be no more access restrictions – just like in Austria and Switzerland. However, masks are still compulsory for the popular trips up the mountains in closed cabins. So far, 2G regulations had to be observed in cable cars, which means that only those who had been vaccinated or had recovered were allowed to ride.

Incidence in Bavaria rises to a record high – Aiwanger with clear rule requirements for folk festivals

First report from March 18, 9:14 a.m .: Munich – New day, new record: The incidence in Bavaria rose to a new high on Friday (March 18). The Robert Koch Institute* (RKI) gave the value for the Free State as 2141.9. That is around 62 more than the previous day (2079.8). The incidence had risen almost every day for the past eleven days and had always reached new highs, only falling slightly on Wednesday. According to the RKI, the Free State had the third highest incidence behind Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (2468.1) and Saarland (2239.0).

Corona numbers for Bavaria: Almost 60,000 new infections – the nationwide leader is in the Free State

  • 58,436 new infections in 24 hours
  • 39 new deaths in one day
  • Haßberge district (Bavaria and nationwide leader): 3371.1

Corona rules in Bavaria: Aiwanger calls for folk festivals without 2G

You can read which Corona rules apply in our overview. For example, folk festivals should soon be possible again. Bavaria’s Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) spoke out against 2G regulations at Bavarian folk festivals. “In my opinion, a folk festival should be a festival of the people and not just a festival of the recently vaccinated,” he told Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

If organizers opted for 2G of their own accord, it couldn’t be banned, said the Free Voters boss. “But I don’t think that can be maintained in the long run.” According to BR , the Augsburg Easter Plärrer should start in mid-April, so the showmen had offered 2G as an access requirement.

Corona loosening in Bavaria: Which rules make sense? Infectiologist explains

Infection Protection Act: Ban on folk festivals could soon be lifted

If the new Infection Protection Act is passed in Berlin as previously planned, the previous ban on folk festivals and annual markets will also no longer apply in Bavaria. For folk festivals, the same rules as in gastronomy should apply until April 2nd, then all the requirements will no longer apply here either. With a view to the cancellation of the politician’s derblecken when tapping strong beer on the Nockherberg*, Aiwanger said he did not hope that this would trigger a “domino effect”. “We can’t just run around depressed all the time,” he said. He was in favor of “a certain basic optimism – despite all the seriousness of the situation – returning to the population”. (kam/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

The last round of federal and state governments on corona policy only took place on Thursday. Markus Söder then expressed his dissatisfaction.

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