NewsIncidence in Italy is increasing: These holiday regions are...

Incidence in Italy is increasing: These holiday regions are particularly affected

The number of corona infections in Italy is increasing. The incidence doubled within a week. The EM 2021 also plays a role. This is what it looks like in popular holiday regions.

Rome – summer is here. And with him the vacation time. Quite a few Germans are using the newly won freedoms through the relaxation of the Corona rules and their vaccinations to go on vacation. Outside of your own country. But the risk is going on vacation in 2021. Spain and Greece are already risk areas. The Netherlands just got on board. And also parts of Denmark.

So where? Maybe to Italy? This is how it currently looks with the incidence values in the country of the newly crowned European football champions.

Country in Europe: Italy
Surface: 301,338 km²
Population: 60,026,546 (as of June 30, 2020)
Head of State: President Sergio Mattarella
Head of Government: Prime Minister Mario Draghi

Incidence in Italy: The situation is still relaxed – and there are few restrictions in the holiday regions

In “Bella Italia” too, not everything is nice when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic: The number of corona infections has continued to rise. The seven-day incidence value increased on Monday, July 19, 2021 to an average of 26.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide within seven days. In the previous week the value was still half (13.2). According to the Ministry of Health in Rome, more infections have been recorded, especially among young people.

At the moment the situation in Italy is still relaxed, the values are comparatively low. However, they are increasing in Lombardy and Veneto, among others – in the holiday regions around Lake Garda, where many people have planned their holidays again this year. Unlike Spain, where the city of Barcelona closes bars and beaches at night, or Greece, where the rights of unvaccinated people are restricted, Italy is not a risk area. All regions are classified as so-called “white zones”. In other words: there are only a few restrictions there. The regions with the highest incidence are Sardinia, Sicily, Lazio and Veneto.

Italy incidence: There is fear of the delta variant of the corona virus in the holiday regions

The big “but” follows immediately: Even if the number of corona patients in the hospitals declined, according to experts, and fewer people with Covid 19 disease were treated in intensive care units, the fear of being a risk area soon also makes them fearful no stopping at Italy.

Ein Fischerboot am Gardasee, dahinter sind weitere Boote, der See und ein Schloss.


In Italy – like here on Lake Garda – the corona situation is still relaxed, but the fear of the delta variant and rising incidence values is increasing.

In addition to concerns about rising numbers, concerns about the delta variant of the corona virus * are also increasing. It continues to spread in Italy and should soon be predominant. To contain it, it is necessary to fully vaccinate more people.

Italy incidence: Around 100 corona infections after visiting a pub – the EM 2021 is to blame

And: With all the joy about the title win of the Italian national team at the EM 2021, this major event also has its consequences for the popular holiday destination. Several media reports of a corona outbreak in a bar in the capital Rome during the EM 2021. Around a hundred people are said to have been infected there in the match between Italy and Belgium on July 2, 2021, as the Ansa news agency citing the health authority reported.

With regard to the large crowds around the European Championship, health experts said the risk of outbreaks was known if hundreds or thousands of people met without the necessary distance and masks. In Italy, the requirement to wear masks outdoors fell a few weeks ago. But people still have to wear the protection if they cannot keep the distance rules. The bus ride of the Italian national team through Rome’s center after winning the title had also caused criticism, as thousands of fans crowded together on the roadside waited for the team to cheer.

Around 48 percent of the population over twelve years were vaccinated according to the data as of Friday evening. The fear in the country of the European champion is still no less. Not those in front of other football nations, but those in front of a high corona incidence. * and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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