EconomyFinancialInclusion: essential to increase productivity in companies

Inclusion: essential to increase productivity in companies

The new generations are not willing to leave their identity aside, in addition, maintaining the roles or stereotypes related to the masculine or feminine gender is something of the past. In this sense, inclusion serves, today more than ever, as an essential practice for companies .

Ixchel Alcántara, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of WEConnect International, highlights that although the search for greater participation of women in work environments is one of the priority issues on the agenda, inclusion goes further, since it encompasses new generations, ethnic groups, sexual preferences, among others.

He assures that promoting the hiring of those groups that could be considered as “minorities” forms a kind of “virtuous chain”, which he exemplifies with the female gender. “Women hire more women and so on… According to the WEF, companies that promote inclusion have 19% more income than their peers that do not ,” she adds as part of her participation in the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022 .

The World Economic Fund (WEF, for its acronym in English) points out that not having inclusion schemes in the processes, from those related to the manufacture of products until the moment they are delivered to final consumers, reduces competitiveness and productivity. to the companies.

Fabrice Salamanca, Vice President of Public and Legal Affairs of the Danone Group, highlighted that the company’s objective is to reduce the differences in the workplace between men and women, for which it has undertaken various actions that have led it to reduce the salary gap, placing itself this data within the corporate in only 2%. As a success story, it stands out that at the Bonafont plant in Toluca, the firm decided to start up a production line for women only , which maintains the highest levels of productivity in the entire complex .

A study by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), indicates that the salary gap between genders in the administration and business areas is 22%, while the percentage in the services area is up to 41%.

“The issue of resistance to inclusion policies is always tied to ignorance, whether due to a stereotype or an unconscious judgment, but it is nothing more than resistance to success,” Salamanca stressed.

The IMCO study maintains that women who studied careers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tend to earn more, so they face a smaller salary gap of 18%.

In this sense, Ximena Jofré, Head of HR for Latin America at TCS, stresses that it is necessary to encourage greater participation of women in this area , especially at an early age.

He adds that another point that companies must work on is to include the new generations in their workforces, as they are the ones who are most attached to technological platforms, since the majority of economic agents are opting for digitization.

“There is a lot to do in terms of having better policies, better recruitment processes. We must seek that our companies be much more inclusive, that they be a benchmark for others in the market”, he underlines during his participation in the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022.

The changes that companies must adopt must be comprehensive. Cristina Rohde, CEO of Citibanamex Seguros and Citibanamex Pensiones, highlights that to achieve better results within companies, inclusion must go hand in hand with education and the creation of opportunities.

It deepens that the current market requires labor schemes that prioritize the well-being of the collaborators . “If a company is not consistent with who you are, it does not make you feel good and proud, obviously you are not going to want to work there. The economic issue is important, but the young generations increasingly place more emphasis on who they are and where they can express it,” he asserts.

Rohde adds that on one occasion, she was invited to be part of an LGBTTTI+ committee, without her being one, “but there I understood the importance of inclusion. Wherever you are, you must seek change, make a difference ,” she adds.

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