EconomyInclusion in Citibanamex is synonymous with empowerment

Inclusion in Citibanamex is synonymous with empowerment

Diversity is necessary to build part of the institutional identity, belonging, creativity and innovation. Together, a productive and respectful work environment is likely to emerge. For Citibanamex, true inclusion is experienced daily thanks to the interactions between employees, managers and dealings with customers.

The bank works constantly for the benefit of its employees, as well as its clients, suppliers and the communities in which it has a presence.

There are three pillars under which the institution is governed:

  • empowerment
  • Equal treatment
  • Security

Regarding empowerment, the group’s initiatives have made it possible to increase the percentage of participation of women in managerial and executive positions, at the end of April 2022 they already represented 41.4%. Among other figures, currently 52% of the collaborators are women and regarding its client portfolio, Citibanamex has a total of 5.4 million retail users that represent 46.4% of its total clients.

Outside the company they also offer courses, workshops and conferences at a national level with women artisans, young people and entrepreneurs. For example, they have granted more than $750 million pesos in SME credit lines for Women Entrepreneurs.

To promote women equal treatment is the key. At Citibanamex, the participation of women in managerial and executive levels increased by 2.2%. They grant maternity and paternity leaves of 16 and 4 weeks, respectively, to their collaborators. Even in the case of maternity or paternity by adoption, 4 weeks are granted for mothers and fathers.

Citibanamex has zero tolerance for harassment and guarantees the development of women. The company offers its employees a suitable environment in which safety is essential for the professional development of each one.

Citibanamex Women’s Council

This group works to build a culture that fosters gender equality inside and outside the organization. It was formed in 2011 and its mission is to create working conditions so that talented people reach their maximum potential and occupy management positions under equal conditions,

Citibanamex strives to implement actions to become one of the leaders in gender equality in the country. Likewise, the Women’s Council seeks for women to develop their skills in various sectors: financial, home and work.

The Pride Network and its allies

The decision to have this network arose from the interest of being an increasingly inclusive bank. In this way, allies and the LGBT+ population are listened to and at the same time are invited to share their experiences, with the aim of making all people aware of the importance of living in freedom being whoever one wants.

For Citibanamex, the voice of its employees must be heard, so that everyone feels a high degree of belonging and is clear that they are valued, in addition to being part of a safe space. Consequently, customer service will also be inclusive and respectful.

By fostering a diverse workplace, the company is able to attract and retain the best talent. They know that the key to the development of any organization is the diversity of opinions and experiences. This is how it works to create a safe and inclusive work environment.

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Citibanamex promotes inclusion and diversity from the heart of the business

The principles of inclusion and diversity must start from within the company, and then be reflected in respect for customers and the community that surrounds it.

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