NewsInfections explode: vacation country locks out unrecognized unvaccinated people...

Infections explode: vacation country locks out unrecognized unvaccinated people almost everywhere – for months

The Omikron variant is also causing the corona numbers to go through the roof in Italy. The country reacts with unprecedented tough rules for unvaccinated people.

Munich / Rome – Bergamo, Bergamo again and again. The images of military convoys that carried away many bodies at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic * in spring 2020 have become deeply anchored in Italy’s collective memory. The nation, which is otherwise known for dolce vita and lust for life, has been acting all the more strictly since then in the pandemic emergency. This attitude will soon reach an unprecedented climax, with tough rules that de facto exclude unvaccinated people from public life.

Corona rules in Italy: Because of Omikron – 2G will soon apply almost everywhere

The new measures were announced by the Palazzo Chigi, the official seat of the Italian Prime Minister, on Thursday night (December 30th) in Rome. At the center of the tightening is a massive expansion of the 2G rule, which denies access to unvaccinated people who have not recovered from infection * almost everywhere. Basically only grocery stores, retailers and authorities are excluded from this. The rule adjustment applies from January 10th to at least March 31st, the day on which the current emergency ordinance is to expire.

  • Massive expansion of the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered): Applies from January 10th (until at least March 31st) in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, congress centers, in local and long-distance public transport, in ski lifts, in amusement parks and fitness studios as well as on all festivals.

Between South Tyrol and Sicily things are happening in quick succession. Since the beginning of December, people in Italy have been able to use a “Super Green Pass” to prove that they have been vaccinated or have recovered. On top of that.

On December 25, the Italian government readjusted the corona rules shortly before New Year’s Eve. As in many places in Europe, discos and bars had to close without further ado, and the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask * came into force for many public institutions. The measures of December 25th at a glance:

Corona rules in Italy: Because of Omikron – Unvaccinated people are excluded almost everywhere

  • Discos, clubs and other dance halls have to close for the time being. This also and especially applies to New Year’s Eve.
  • Public transport, cinemas, theaters and museums: a medical mask is no longer enough. The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask comes into force.
  • Public transport, cinemas, theaters and museums: a medical mask is no longer enough. It is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask *.

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The reason for the drastic tightening is the fact that the number of corona infections is exploding in Italy because of the Omikron variant *. A comparison: While the authorities reported 15,000 new infections with the coronavirus within 24 hours on December 6, on December 29, there were 98,000 new infections within one day – and the trend is rising. (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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