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Instagram influencers who violated the electoral ban restrict comments

Election day had an event that marked the last moment before going to vote, but for a negative aspect, since just over 30 Instagram influencers uploaded content to their accounts where they favored the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico. Faced with this situation, the National Electoral Institute asked Instagram and Facebook to remove the content and the platform already reported on the action it took.

“We act on the content indicated in compliance with the request of the electoral authorities. We reiterate our commitment to help protect the integrity of the 2021 elections on our platforms and we celebrate all citizens who participate in this important day, “said Facebook.

The INE had an emergency meeting last Saturday because several ‘influencers’ showed messages of support for the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, for which a crime was being infringed, as the electoral ban was imposed. Faced with this situation, the agency urged the technology company to withdraw these videos, as they were “possibly a propaganda campaign.”

The audience of many of the influencers who participated in this campaign has been negatively impacted, and some of them have even limited the conversation on their platforms. One of them has been Bárbara de Regil, who since Saturday, June 5, decided to restrict comments on her account, in order to avoid insults from users.

“Instagram account holders are also being ordered to immediately suspend the dissemination of messages alluding to the Green Party. They are citizens, but they are citizens who are violating the norm, “said Ciro Murayama, counselor of the INE.

Some Instagram users have also called for reporting to the influencers’ accounts, so that this type of practice does not become common and they have sought to have the accounts considered spam.

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