Influencers and brands: a stormy relationship?

Companies in Mexico are increasingly opting for alliances as part of their business strategy. This is the experience that brands like Tecate and Distroller have had.

Brands veto influencers who supported the Green Party in elections

Agencies such as Epik Talent and consumer brands cut off the employment relationship with celebrities who used their social networks to support the political party in the midst of an electoral ban.

Instagram influencers who violated the electoral ban restrict comments

After the INE ordered Instagram and Facebook to remove the content that violated the electoral ban, the social network responds around the controversy surrounding this action.

Why do brands pay celebrities if the trend is micro influencers?

While 90% of marketers will work this year with characters between 5,000 and 100,000 followers, brands like Amstel are betting on leaders like Rafael Nadal.


Accident in Dortmund: car rolls over on B1

Several people were injured in an accident on the B1 in Dortmund on Monday. A rescue helicopter was deployed.

Ayleen A. murder case: teenager and suspect know each other from the Internet

The police and prosecutors comment on the murder of Ayleen A. The 14-year-old and the alleged perpetrator are said to know each other from the Internet. Read the background here:

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Royal pub: Queen Elizabeth II opens her first pub

Monarch, head of state, pub owner? Queen Elizabeth II could soon slip into a new role. The Queen wants to breathe new life into a pub.

US lottery Mega Millions: Man wins 1.31 billion euros

The chance of hitting the jackpot at Mega Millions is one in 303 million. It is therefore more realistic to be struck by lightning.