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Intel Says It Again: Goodbye Apple, Hello Huawei

The companies form alliances that translate into an environment of collaboration and work. Some divorces became known for representing the end of an era, where the apple company decided to create its own chip and ended a working relationship that impacted the chip company since 2020, however other alliances were formed, such as the one you now have with Huawei .

The Chinese company has had a greater focus on productivity, after the restrictions that the United States government placed around its smartphone vertical, which is why for four years it has brought different devices to the global market, from computers, laptops , headphones to electronic readers.

Now the company has introduced two new laptops : the Huawei MateBook D16 and the Huawei Matebook 16s , the latter the first computer to have a 12th-generation chip.

Ivan Martínez, director of marketing and product at Huawei, pointed out that in addition to having this chip, this pair of devices seeks to empower the company’s tool, its Super Device.

“We have a product that is focused on the content creators sector, which also has the Evo certification, which means that Intel tests it together with manufacturers to guarantee the development of hardware and software in accordance with the requirements of the chip. ”, Martinez specified.

The Huawei MateBook 16s is available for pre-sale in the eshop from August 3 to 9 for 49,999 pesos and has several innovations that will attract the attention of users, such as a 16-inch touch screen, with a resolution that allows you to create content in video and photography easier to edit, in addition to being the first to introduce the Intel Core i9 processor.

“We are bringing this pair of equipment because the reception we have received from the Mexican market has been good. As for the issue of production lines, being one of the most important Chinese companies, we have managed to maintain a good flow of components, so we can meet demand without any problem,” said Carlos Morales, director of public relations at Huawei. Latin America.

Regarding the introduction of its processor, Héctro Barillas, director of retail at Intel, stated that Mexico is a country where the consumption of this type of premium products has evolved, requiring more powerful chips and therefore processing more tools.

In numbers, Intel points out that the segment has grown 19% compared to last year, only in Mexico, while in the world this vertical has achieved a growth of 42%, this is due to a greater need to have computer equipment in the hybrid work.

“A few years ago it was said that computers and laptops were disappearing, however, we see that in Mexico the leadership is even maintained in terms of the acquisition of products with the highest ticket, with an average of 671 dollars on average, the highest of all the countries of the region”, indicated Barillas.

In addition, Intel states that the Gaming and Mainstream segments are growing in Mexico, while entry-level products or less than $400 are going down.

New Huawei MateBook D 16

This computer has a compact design with a 16-inch screen, while its slim 18.4mm frame allows it to weigh just 1.7kg. It is the first laptop to come equipped with the Huawei Metaline antenna, which improves the signal conversion rate by 56% and makes it easy to access high-speed Internet, even in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. It is ideal for office workers, according to the brand.

Like her sister, it is available for presale from August 3 to 9 in the Huawei online store for 22,999 pesos, where users will receive a discount coupon worth 1,000 pesos, taking a speaker as a gift.

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