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Inventors who regretted their creations

Although many scientific discoveries and inventions have been made throughout human history, the vast majority of them were developed between the 19th and 20th centuries. Those were days when modern science began to take off and change the world.

Some of the creators came up with brilliant devices, equipment, tools, and machines that we still use today, while others opened the doors for future generations to make and even better. And it can seem like we’re constantly seeing new innovations and exciting discoveries being released these days. However, many of the new ideas and technologies that are shaping our modern world often go back centuries in origin.

Some revolutionized our history, like the wheel . Although the first wheel was probably developed around the year 4000 BC, it was a device that marked a before and after in our history , allowing, for example, to combine it with an axis and create a potter’s wheel that rotated freely thanks to its mechanism. wheel-axle. They were initially developed in ancient Mesopotamia and the oldest surviving example of such a device was found in Ur and dates to around 3100 BC.

Inventions such as the telephone, television or the computer have defined our history and inventors such as Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison or Alexander Graham Bell have transformed our society.

But there are a number of inventors who, despite their creations making headlines in the media at the time, regretted their own inventions, continually tormenting their conscience. Do you want to know what scientists we are talking about?


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