Your eyes can reveal if you are at risk of premature death

A new study exposes how a simple eye scan can indicate the probability of death in the next decade.

The eruption in Tonga had a force of 10 megatons

This is the figure estimated by the US space agency, NASA, after the brutal eruption of the underwater volcano.

Unmissable places on Earth

Crystal clear waters teeming with life, the deepest marine area, the highest mountain... discover this fantastic selection.

The island of the Tonga volcano has disappeared after the eruption

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano, located on the Pacific coast, erupted causing strong tsunamis

They name a new species of frog in honor of Greta Thunberg

It is a small frog with large black eyes and is named after the young climate activist.

They capture a spectacular blanket octopus on video

Blanket octopuses ('Tremoctopus') can reach two meters (the females, which are larger).

Why do starlings fly in large flocks in winter?

Whenever the cold appears, we see how our skies are filled with these flocks of birds.

They auction a sapphire of 310 kgs, the largest in the world

The jewel has been found in a mine in Ratnapura and could reach a price of more than 86 million euros at auction.


No corona vaccination, no surgery: hospital refuses vital heart transplant

A man is denied vital surgery in the United States. The reason is his missing corona vaccination. The father is stunned.

Woman poses for seemingly perfect pool photo – but a disgusting detail destroys everything

Perfect timing! This woman captured just the right moment in her pool photo. But unfortunately that's not all - there's something nasty going on in the background.

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Prince Daniel – finally success! His work pays off

Prince Daniel's tenacious work alongside the beaming Crown Princess Victoria has now been rewarded with a special honour.

23-year-old dies after killing spree at Heidelberg University: perpetrator sent Whatsapp to father – content known

There was a killing spree at the University of Heidelberg. An 18-year-old fired shots in a lecture hall. A student died in the process.