This would be the next 1,000 years of humanity

Digitized human consciousness? Artificial intelligences designing other artificial intelligences? Technological singularity? This is what lies ahead in the future, according to technology visionaries.

Wasps can also be cannibals

Sibling cannibalism seems common in some wasp species, new research has found. The survival instinct is the engine of this behavior.

Tyrannosaurus rex was warm blooded

New work on multiple dinosaur fossils reveals many tidbits about dinosaur metabolism. Was Triceratops warm or cold blooded? And Stegeosaurus? We explain it to you below.

They discover a species of snake unknown to science

It is not poisonous and has been found in Paraguay. It belongs to the genus Phalotris, which has 15 semi-subterranean species distributed in central South America. This group of snakes is noted for its striking coloration with red, black, and yellow patterns.

In the seventeenth century they already believed in aliens

Since when do we believe in alien life? An ancient book discovered in the Cotswolds, England, details a unique date. How were aliens imagined at that time?

Underwater volcano inhabited by 'mutant sharks' erupts

NASA satellite images have captured a discolored column of water coming from the Kavachi volcano in the Pacific Ocean, where mutant sharks live in an acidic underwater crater.

Why is Mercury so cold if it is so close to the Sun?

¿Do you question some time? If it is the closest planet to the Sun, how is it that its temperature can be -180 ºC?

Why are bees important for the planet?

There are more than 20,000 different species of bees around the world, but their populations are in decline. Today we review why we should protect them. What would happen if they became extinct?


Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

Mexico has a great wealth of renewable sources and, with the commitment to create the conditions for a sustainable future, Enel is the energy manager of the leading companies in various industries.

"And a recharge, please": Mexicans lower the amount to recharge their cell phones to 89 pesos due to inflation

The Ciu consultancy expects that this amount will even drop to 87 pesos in the following months "due to inflationary pressure."

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