Pampering children, something positive?: know its consequences and benefits

Pampering children or giving many whims: yes or no? What does consent really mean?

Social anxiety in children and adolescents or the fear of being judged: how to help them

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in the world, and it seems that as technology advances, so does anxiety, in many cases positioning itself as a serious public health problem.

79 new trendy names for boys and girls (and their meaning)

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) announced just a few days ago which are the most frequent names in Spain, with Antonio and María Carmen taking the cake. But it must be clarified that these names correspond to people over thirty years of age and the vast majority of them over fifty.

Are you a ICU mom? It's hard, but remember you're not alone

When our baby is born, we can't wait for the moment to bring it home and start a new life together. However, sometimes there are some medical circumstances for which this is not possible, and the baby must remain hospitalized for a longer time.

The expectations that parents place on their children are ours, and they do not have to fulfill them

Is it good to place expectations on children? Is it normal to have them? Up to what point?

Monkeypox: can be serious in children and pregnant women, WHO warns

Monkeypox or monkeypox (monkeypox) is spreading throughout the world, and so far 85 cases have been confirmed in eight EU countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden), in addition to of several suspected cases that are under investigation.

Eleven keys to get your teenager to develop a healthy and strong self-esteem

The process of transitioning through adolescence can be somewhat difficult. And it is that it is a time full of changes, to which children must adapt, and among so much confusion, their self-esteem can be affected.

The seven best exercises to move during pregnancy

Taboos have always proliferated about whether or not sports should be practiced during pregnancy or to what extent it is good to do so. However, unless the doctor tells us otherwise, we not only can, but should move at least 30 minutes every day.


The regulator sanctions Monterra for an alleged non-compliance with tariffs

CRE sanctioned the company for activities related to its terminal in Tuxpan, which was closed in September last year and for which it filed an arbitration notice in February.

Alfasigma Mexico, a Super Company committed to its collaborators

Vincenzo D'Elia, general director of Alfasigma Mexico, explains how they have faced the pandemic and the support that collaborators have received.

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A Super Company with a focus on leadership and collaborators

Eric Blasco, Commercial Director of Grupo Apymsa talks about the values that turned the company specializing in spare parts and auto parts into a Super Company.

Skittles, Lifeguards and Life Savers withdrawn due to contamination

Cofepris detailed the polluting batches so that both consumers and establishments make the corresponding complaint.