Oreo shake: recipe for a homemade shake, easy and delicious

The Oreo is a cookie that has managed to have a 'proper name' within the world of cookies. Have you tried this Oreo shake?

Roman style spaghetti cacio e pepe recipe

Have you tried the cacio e pepe spaghetti? They are famous in Rome and very, very easy to prepare, with only three ingredients! We will tell you.

White Russian or White Russian cocktail recipe

Discover how to prepare the famous White Russian, a creamy cocktail with an incredible flavor. We tell you the easy recipe step by step.

Green sauce: easy and quick recipe to accompany fish

Green sauce is made with very little and delivers excellent flavor and texture. Here we leave you the step by step, take note.

Chocolate frappuccino, homemade recipe

Prepare a delicious chocolate frappuccino on the hottest days and enjoy a luxury in your own home. Here are the steps.

Grilled mushrooms stuffed with ricotta cheese

If you like to experiment with new ideas at home, don't miss these ricotta stuffed roasted mushrooms. An exquisite dish to try.

Marinade recipe for olives

The olive marinade recipe, although it requires a lot of time, has a completely delicious result.

Baked rice cake: a traditional sweet from Bilbao

We know the original recipe for baked rice cake, a traditional Bilbao sweet suitable even for celiacs.


The AIFA closes April with an average of just over 1,100 daily passengers

The new airport served 34,981 passengers in the month, with the highest traffic recorded going to Cancún and Mérida. However, other routes such as to Villahermosa remained in decline.

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

Companies like Enel stand out for accompanying their clients to adopt a new approach, find solutions tailored to their objectives and integrate sustainability into their value chain.

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