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Oreo shake: recipe for a homemade shake, easy and delicious

The oreo shake will become the most desired homemade recipe of the summer. With a spectacular ingredient like oreo, we can create an incredible smoothie bottom. Smoothies are a good way to refresh yourself and enjoy a dessert that always looks good. It does not matter whether or not we are experts in the art of preparing them, the result will be just as spectacular. You can customize your shake with the combination of ingredients that you like the most, but always with the reference oreo. Dare to try the best homemade oreo shake that exists.


  • 12 oreos cookies
  • 200 grams of vanilla ice cream
  • 175 milliliters of milk
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • How to make a homemade oreo shake

    1. This homemade oreo shake is very easy to prepare and is luxurious, it will seem that we have gone to a luxury ice cream parlor without leaving the room.
    2. The base of the oreo flavor are the famous cookies, of the 12 cookies we take 8. We are going to separate them from the filling, we are only interested in the outer part.
    3. We place them directly in the blender glass , the rest of the cookies will be set aside to decorate.
    4. To these cookies we will add the basics of a good shake , vanilla ice cream. It serves us any type of ice cream. Batido de oreo: receta de un batido casero, fácil y riquísimo
    5. It can be just as good with a little cream, it will be an ingredient that will give it the icy touch that every smoothie needs .
    6. We are going to give it a creamy point with the milk . It is better to be whole, although we can put a skim or even a vegetable drink.
    7. We will give it a more intense vanilla flavor with a teaspoon of this flavor. With chocolate, vanilla combines perfectly and will give the finish to the shake we are looking for.
    8. We blend all the ingredients until we have a smoothie that makes history, delicious and easy to prepare.
    9. The part of cooking a homemade smoothie that we must pay special attention to is what refers to the decoration.
    10. We serve the smoothie in a nice glass, we are going to add a little cream on top and liquid chocolate to give it joy.
    11. We put the oreo cookies that we have reserved and serve very cold. We will have made our homemade oreo shake easier to prepare and delicious, we will only have to try it and enjoy it.

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