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Asian coffee, the authentic Murcian recipe that conquers the world

Asian coffee is conquering the world, this typical recipe from the Murcia region competes directly with Irish coffee. Knowing a little about the history of our gastronomy is always a pleasure, if, in addition, it allows us to enjoy a drink that we are going to enjoy this summer much better. Cartagena is the origin of this type of coffee that combines various liqueurs, textures and flavors that are crowned with cinnamon and lemon. A sensory experience for coffee and carajillo lovers looking for a drink that will win them over. Take note of how to make an Asian coffee.


  • Coffee express
  • Condensed milk
  • Cognac
  • Liquor 43
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon rind
  • Ice (optional)
  • How to make an Asian coffee

    1. This drink is served from a good raw material , coffee will be the protagonist of an after-dinner that is impressive.
    2. The richness of the Murcian garden is known worldwide and now it will also be its coffee that has nothing Asian.
    3. Legend has it that it was the drink of sailors who came from distant seas . After a long trip or a day of intense work, this coffee will give us the strength to achieve anything.
    4. The combination of ingredients makes us have to prepare our bar cabinet. We will rescue Licor 43 and cognac to go beyond carajillo or bonbon, two of the most demanded coffees in our country.
    5. To make this coffee we prepare a glass , larger than the traditional single coffee. We can use a cup of latte so we can enjoy all the flavors.
    6. We put a little condensed milk in the bottom of the glass , it will be the sweetest thing in this drink capable of making us discover new flavors.
    7. We make machine coffee on top of condensed milk. Make it intense and sparkling, with an Italian coffee maker we follow the same process.
    8. We will add a touch of cognac and liqueur 43 . Alcoholic beverages are what give this delicacy personality, we must not skimp on them.
    9. On top of this coffee we place a pinch of cinnamon and the lemon peel that will be in charge of giving the special aroma to this coffee.
    10. With the coffee still hot, the lemon and cinnamon will start to guarantee an incredible experience.
    11. We mix and enjoy the most desired Asian coffee in the world. We can serve it as a cocktail with a little ice, it’s impressive.
    12. Asian coffee will give you one more reason to visit Murcia, but it will also be one of the joys of some summer afternoons . It is delicious and it is very easy to prepare.

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