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White Russian or White Russian cocktail recipe

This White Russian or White Russian cocktail will become one of the summer’s after-dinner favorites. An energetic and delicious combination of ingredients that will delight vodka and coffee lovers. Turning a drink of this type into a basic of our homemade cocktails will be a small step that we will arrive at after a series of tests and adaptations. Each cocktail has the stamp of the person who makes it, if you want to learn how to prepare a classic, take note of how to prepare this White Russian or White Russian.


  • 25 ml of vodka
  • 30 ml of coffee liqueur (Kahlúa being the most common)
  • 20 ml of heavy cream, evaporated milk or liquid cream
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans or a little cream to decorate
  • How to prepare a White Russian or White Russian

    1. This recipe has its best allies in the ingredients , we will use good quality materials.
    2. The vodka will be the one that becomes the protagonist of a very intense drink, if you like coffee a lot you can add a cup.
    3. Perfect for after lunch or one of these nights that are prepared in the blink of an eye.
    4. We get to work with the shaker or a container that is large enough to be able to make the mixture we need.
    5. We put the coffee liqueur , if we want to enhance this flavor a little more we can add a cup of espresso.
    6. We beat the cream or cream to give it a special texture point. You can also use some evaporated milk to make it a lighter cocktail.
    7. We incorporate the crushed ice to give it the joy and freshness that a good cocktail needs to be successful.
    8. We will lack the vodka , we can add less or more depending on how much we like this drink.
    9. We serve in a nice glass or glass and decorate with a little whipped cream or some coffee beans.
    10. The reality is that it is one of the most special cocktails that exists, with the point of sweetness that we can give it by adding sugar so that it is not so intense.
    11. Dare to try or create your own White Russian or White Russian the flavor will be impressive, dare to try it, it is perfect for a summer afternoon or a table a little longer than usual.

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