LivingVITIS: how to boost health in 60 seconds

VITIS: how to boost health in 60 seconds

It is well known that autumn is a complicated season for our health due to the change in temperatures. Therefore, we must reinforce our care both inside and out. In the case of oral health, many dental organizations recommend using a mouthwash due to its significant anti-plaque power. Thus, one of the best solutions that we can find on the market are VITIS CPC Protect and VITIS Encías.

Protect yourself with a mouthwash

As Dr. David Herrera, Professor of Periodontology at the Complutense University of Madrid, assures, oral care is essential and is part of preventive health. Using a CPC mouthwash for 60 seconds can be a simple yet highly effective protective measure.

In fact, Dr. David Herrera considers it essential to use rinses to maintain periodontal health (especially in risk groups). And it is that, as evidenced in different studies, oral hygiene is closely related to the general health of our body, so they should not be considered separately.

Not all formulas are the same

Not all CPC formulas are equally effective or have scientific support behind them. That is why VITIS is one of the best options, since its formulas are developed at the Dentaid Research Center.

Dentaid Research Center is one of the leading global reference centers for oral health research. And it is that rigorous research is promoted year after year that places them at the forefront in terms of product development and innovation.

Your galenic: source of new products and active ingredients, stability and compatibility studies of the different components and pilot manufacturing.

VITIS CPC Protect, your ally

VITIS CPC Protect is a powerful antiplaque that offers active oral protection thanks to its high concentration of Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC). It is especially suitable for those who want active mouth protection.

Its use is very simple: you will only have to rinse and gargle to reach the most distant areas of the oral cavity with 15 ml of mouthwash for one minute twice a day (morning and night). It should be done after brushing, and it is advisable to avoid eating or drinking immediately after using it.

Take care of yourself with VITIS Gums

On the other hand, with VITIS Encías you will help reduce the inflammation of your gums and bleeding. Its formula inhibits the formation of bacterial plaque and reduces its accumulation, thus controlling the appearance of gingivitis. Its use is indicated in people with delicate gums or with a predisposition to develop gingivitis, such as diabetics, smokers or pregnant women.

It is composed of Panthenol (which reduces inflammation of the gums), Cetylpyridinium Chloride (which reduces the appearance of bacterial plaque) and Zinc Lactate (which reduces gingival bleeding and enhances the antiseptic effect).

As for its method of use, you will have to rinse (with 15 ml) VITIS gums without diluting for 30 seconds. In addition, it is recommended to use it at least twice a day or after each brushing.

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