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Invest in the air? The best option to protect your health this season

The air we breathe daily is something essential in our lives but what we do not think carefully about. However, it is often of poor quality, which causes wear and tear on our body. Even in closed places we can be exposed to inhaling that polluted air.

There are situations that cause a considerable amount of harmful pollutants that compromise our health, among them: being in a room with a large number of people, using household cleaners, cooking on a gas stove or having a pet that sheds a lot of hair.

Investing in an air purifier is an excellent option to keep yourself safer, breathe quality air and take care of your health. In schools and offices it is common to face contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, dust, among others.

Which air purifier to choose?

There are countless products that filter the air, but those that lead in functionality and effectiveness are air purifiers, since they are perfectly designed to reduce the impact of pollutants generated inside closed spaces.

If you are looking to eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria, you should make sure that air purifiers use HEPA filters, which help keep the smallest particles from passing through while the purifier cleans the air. Surely you have heard of them, because they are the ones used by the most sophisticated airlines.

TruSens is one of the most consumed brands abroad and currently offers a considerable variety of products in Mexico, with options of air purifiers depending on the size of the room in which it will be used.

The purifiers capture allergens and viruses, thanks to the fact that they include a UV-C ultraviolet light that eliminates the microorganisms captured by the HEPA filters; making them a great choice for use at home, office, and school.

Also, these innovative purifiers are capable of monitoring the air with an independent external sensor, which ensures that the air is completely free of viruses and bacteria. The patented technology in each TruSens purifier, which splits air into two streams so it efficiently reaches the entire room, makes each one 24% more efficient than those that direct a single vertical airflow.

The plus of TruSens is that you can use it at night, because it has a night mode that makes each model ultra quiet. It is always a good time to invest in your health, that of your family and collaborators.

For more information see the TruSens e-page.

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