Living101 Sweetest-Sounding Hawaiian Names for Girls and Boys

101 Sweetest-Sounding Hawaiian Names for Girls and Boys

When we choose a baby’s name, we often look for one that has some memorable meaning or is inspired by something we like or admire, such as a book or some historical character.

But sometimes, parents choose a name based more on its sonority. If you are looking for a name for your baby, we share 101 Hawaiian names for girls and boys that sound the sweetest .

Hawaiian names for girl

  • Akela – Hawaiian form of Adela.
  • Alani: orange tree.
  • Aloha – In Hawaiian it is used as a greeting, but it means “friendship”.
  • Anne: angel.
  • Annie: beautiful.
  • Anuenue: rainbow.
  • Aolani: heavenly cloud.
  • Halia: means “memory of a loved one”.
  • Haliaka: variant of Hariata, which in turn is the Hawaiian version of Harriet.
  • Hani: joy.
  • Hariata: Hawaiian variant of Harriet.
  • Hawaii: place of the gods.
  • Iolani: royal falcon.
  • Kaena: Praised.
  • Kai: sea, ocean.
  • Kai: sea.
  • Kailani: sea and sky.
  • Kaimana: the power of the ocean.
  • Kala: means “art, virtue, grace” in Sanskrit. In Hawaii it is used as a variant of “Sara”, which is of Hebrew origin and means “lady”.
  • Kalake: Hawaiian variant of Grace, meaning “grace.”
  • Kalea: joy, prayers.
  • Kalena: Hawaiian variant of Karen, of Danish origin and meaning “pure.”
  • Kalola: Hawaiian variant of Carol, feminine version of Carlos, meaning “free man.”
  • Kamala: garden.
  • Kani: constancy.
  • Keilani: heaven.
  • Leilani: heavenly flower.
  • Lilinoe: fine breeze.
  • Lilo: generous.
  • Loa: long.
  • Lokelani: small red rose.
  • Lulani: heaven.
  • Mahina : moon.
  • Makala: myrtle.
  • Makani: wind.
  • Malea : of Hawaiian origin and means “calm water”.
  • Malia : Variant of Maria in Hawaiian.
  • Malina – Of Hawaiian origin meaning “peace.”
  • Malu : peaceful, peace.
  • Maylea : wild flower.
  • Moana: ocean.
  • Nahele : forest.
  • Naia: float, dolphin.
  • Nalani: calm sky.
  • Nalu: hello .
  • Nana: is the name of a spring month and a star.
  • Noelani: heavenly breeze.
  • Nohi: means ‘brightness of the colors of the rainbow’.
  • Ohana : family.
  • Okelani: heavenly.
  • Oliana: laurel.
  • Pule: prayer.
  • Ulanni : heavenly beauty.
  • Vaitiare: flower of the sea.

Hawaiian names for boy

  • Akamu: Hawaiian variant of Adam.
  • Akoni: worthy of admiration.
  • Anakoni : valuable.
  • Elikai: Hawaiian variant of Elisha, which is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my salvation.”
  • Hani: happy.
  • Haoa – Hawaiian variant of Howard meaning “watchman.”
  • Havika: Beloved.
  • Hokulani : star of the sky.
  • Huali – unisex name meaning “pure”, “bright”, “white”.
  • Ikaia: of Hebrew origin, it is the Hawaiian variant of Isaiah. It means “the health of Yahweh” or “Yahweh the savior”.
  • Iakona: healer.
  • Strong: fuerte.
  • Iki: small.
  • Kahale: hogar.
  • Kahalo: the one with fleet feet.
  • Priest: secreto.
  • Kai: sea or ocean.
  • Kaili: a deity.
  • Kalani: heaven, paradise.
  • Kaleo: voice, sound.
  • Kalino: brilliantly.
  • Kane: warrior, man.
  • Kapono: the good one.
  • Kealoha: el querido.
  • Keanu: brisa.
  • Keawe: star of the south.
  • Child: child .
  • Kekoa: of Hawaiian origin, it means “brave, soldier”.
  • Keoki: Variant of George or Jorge, of Greek origin, meaning “farmer.”
  • Keola: vida.
  • Keoni: variant of John or Juan, of Hebrew origin, meaning “faithful to God.”
  • Kimo: of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is the Hawaiian variant of Jacob or James. It means: “God will reward”.
  • Koa : warrior.
  • Koy: water.
  • Luna: source.
  • Makaio: Hawaiian variant of Mateo.
  • Makeo: Hawaiian version of Mateo.
  • Makoa: brave man.
  • Manu: bird.
  • Maui : masculine name that refers to one of the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.
  • Nahele: forest.
  • Nakoa: the warriors.
  • Nalu: hello .
  • Nohea: attractive, handsome.
  • Palani: Hawaiian variant of Francisco.
  • Pekelo: rock.
  • Ululani – Unisex name meaning “heavenly grove.”
  • Wehilani: means “adornment of the sky”.

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If you are looking for a name for your baby that is original and tender, we share with you 101 Hawaiian names for girls and boys that sound very sweet .

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