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115 beautiful and original names that only have less than a hundred people (and their meaning)

When choosing the name of the baby, just as there are fathers and mothers who look for the most popular names, those that are fashionable at that time, there are also those who, on the contrary, look for the most original and exclusive name that there may be. .

We have delved into the depths of the INE (National Statistics Institute) database to find those beautiful and original names that only have less than a hundred people in Spain. We hope you like them and inspire you to make your list of possible names for the baby to come.

Below we leave you a list of names for boys and girls with their meaning , in order from the largest to the smallest number of children who wear them. That is, from the least original to the most original, although they are all names that only have less than a hundred people and are already very exclusive .

Original names for boys (and their meaning)

  1. Aimen : variant of the name of Arabic origin Ayman, meaning means “just, the one who is on the right, dexterous, blessed or lucky”.
  2. Favio – Roman name (also spelled “Fabio”) coming from Latin Fabius , derived from faba (broad bean). It means the bean grower.
  3. Nyan : name of Burmese origin meaning wisdom. It is a name of the latest trend, since the hundred children who carry it have an average age of 1.3 years.
  4. Yeiden – Variant of Jayden, which comes from Hebrew and means “Jehovah has heard.”
  5. Khalid : name of Arabic origin, means “eternal”.
  6. Hani : name of Arabic origin whose meaning is ‘cheerful’ or ‘happy’.
  7. Jay – English short form of any name beginning with the letter jot. An Arabic origin is also attributed to it, whose meaning is “victorious”
  8. Billy : of English origin. It is a diminutive of William, meaning “protector”.
  9. Darko : of Slavic origin, means “gift”.
  10. Gadiel : of Hebrew origin, means “God is my fortune”
  11. Kay : According to its Greek origin, it means “rejoicing”, in Latin, “happy”, and in German, “safe place”.
  12. Adiel : Hebrew name meaning “Adornment of God” or “the Jewel of God.”
  13. Attila : name of the popular Hun warrior Attila, and which can be translated as a diminutive of “father”.
  14. Nain : unisex name (for both girl and boy) of Arabic origin, meaning “of great beauty”.
  15. Ilyan : origin name meaning “great”, “nobility”. It is worn by 92 children with an average age of seven years, which indicates that it is a trending name.
  16. Nadim – Name of Arabic origin meaning “friendly, entertaining.”
  17. Kiliam : variant of Kilian, Gaelic name meaning “little church” or “war”.
  18. Nando: hypocoristic or short form of Fernando, a name of Germanic origin that means “one who is daring, daring and willful”.
  19. Eider : name of Basque origin, means “beautiful”
  20. Ivar : of Scandinavian origin, means “archer”.
  21. Kael: of Gaelic origin, it means “slender”.
  22. Ilai: of Hebrew origin, means “exalted or elevated”. Ilai was one of the mighty warriors in David’s army. Also trending, since the average age of the 85 children who wear it is 6.4 years.
  23. Travis – name derived from the Old French word “traverse”, meaning ‘to cross’
  24. Makar : of Greek origin, it means “lucky”, “blessed”.
  25. Hades : is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology. Its name comes from Aïdēs, which in ancient Greek means “the invisible one”.
  26. Zion – Hebrew name whose biblical meaning is “promised land.”
  27. Andria : derives from ancient Greek and means “strong or brave man”.
  28. Juanma : hypocoristic resulting from the union of two names such as Juan Manuel, Juan Maria, Juan Martin.
  29. Yerik: of Russian origin, it means “appointed by God”. Trend name worn by 78 children with an average age of 7.6 years.
  30. Arkan : name of Turkish origin, meaning “column, the one that supports”. It is a trending name worn by 76 children with an average age of 4.7 years.
  31. Elan : Name of Hebrew origin meaning “tree.”
  32. Ianis : variant of Yanis that comes from the Hebrew and means “gift of God”.
  33. Zarek : of Greek origin, it means “God protects the king”.
  34. Ilay : of Hebrew origin, means “exalted” and “elevated”.
  35. Kalel : comes from a Hebrew word meaning “the voice of God”. Name is gaining popularity; It is worn by 70 children with an average age of 4.4 years.
  36. Asael : name of Hebrew origin, means “what is done by God”.
  37. Caetano: Cayetano in Galician , of Latin origin, means “cheerful”.
  38. Eitan: Hebrew variant of Ethan, meaning “strong, firm.”
  39. Egan: of Irish origin, means “fire, burning”. It is carried by 64 children with an average age of 4.5 years.
  40. Maxi : hipocorístico (cut version) of Maximiliano y Máximo. From its Latin origin it derives its meaning “the greatest one”.
  41. Uday – Name of Hindu origin meaning “to increase.”
  42. Alam : name of Arabic origin meaning “world, universe”
  43. Dael: unisex name whose meaning is “who lives in the valley”.
  44. Adael: a name from Hebrew meaning “God is witness.”
  45. Loan : means “good light”
  46. Xune : Asturian name meaning “he who was born in June.”
  47. Enar – Name of Swedish origin meaning “warrior.”
  48. Nahel : it is believed to be a name of Arabic origin whose meaning is “gift from God”. Although it could also be a variant of the name Nahele, of Hawaiian origin, which means “forest”.
  49. Udai : Of Hindu origin, it gives its name to the Indian city of Udaipur and means ‘dawn’.
  50. Kalen: of Celtic origin, it means “the one who has the keys”. It is carried by 51 children with an average age of 6.7 years.
  51. Kaleb: of Hebrew origin means “tenacious as a dog”. It is the English form of Caleb.
  52. Isco : hypocoristic (short and familiar form) of Francis. It has gained popularity in recent years for the Spanish soccer player Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, known sportingly as “Isco”. It is a name carried by 45 children with an average age of 3.1 years.
  53. Edrian : variant of Adrián, nombre de origen latino ( Hadrianus ), and means “inhabitant of Hadria”, “que viene del mar Adriático”.
  54. Sinay : variant of Sinai, name of Hebrew origin, referring to the mount of the same name, a sacred site where God gave Moses the stones carved with the Ten Commandments.
  55. Koa – means “warrior” in Hawaiian. It is worn by 37 children with an average age of 3.1 years.
  56. Siam: Ancient name for Thailand, meaning ‘dark’, referring to the skin color of its people .
  57. Arau : Basque name; in Euskera that means “norm, model, mandate, order”.
  58. Elai : name of Basque origin meaning “swallow”.
  59. Anuel : name of the Puerto Rican rapper and singer who have put 29 children with an average age of 2.2 years. It could be an abbreviation of the name Emmanuel, of Hebrew origin meaning “God is with us”.

Original names for girls (and their meaning)

  1. Sinay : unisex name that we have also seen in the list of boy names. It is a variant of Sinai, a name of Hebrew origin, referring to the mount of the same name, a sacred site where God gave Moses the stones carved with the Ten Commandments.
  2. Imara: of Swahili origin, means “firm”.
  3. Kora: Variant of Cora, meaning “maiden.”
  4. Alaya : name of Arabic origin (Alaïa), meaning “sublime” and “well born”.
  5. Taina : name of Latin origin, meaning “follower of Christ” . It is also a short form of Tatiana.
  6. Miral : name of Islamic origin meaning “little deer”
  7. Ellie: Diminutive of names like Ellen and Elizabeth. Name of one of the characters in the Pixar movie “Up”.
  8. Blackberry : related to the sweet fruit of the blackberry. It can also be an abbreviation for Morayma, of Guarao origin (Venezuela), which means ‘beautiful like the blackberry tree’.
  9. Paris : of Greek origin, it means “lover, strong”. Also related to the name of the city of light, capital of France.
  10. Althea : variant of Altea, name of Greek origin whose meaning is “healthy”.
  11. Anay : Name of uncertain origin, quite widespread in Latin America and used for both girls and boys.
  12. Kaila – Variant of the Celtic name Kayley, meaning “thin, slender.”
  13. Kaira: of Scandinavian origin, it means “peaceful”. It is worn by 78 girls with an average age of 7.7 years.
  14. Izane : Variant of Izar, a Basque name meaning “star.”
  15. Arale – Japanese name meaning “hail storm.” It is carried by 76 children with an average age of 7 years.
  16. Hera : name of a character in the Star Wars saga; means “protector” and comes from Greek mythology, where it was the name of the goddess of the family and wife of Zeus.
  17. Isa: of German origin, means “strong-willed”. Also hypocoristic of Isabel.
  18. Island: Scottish name, whose meaning is “The queen of the hebrides”, name of an extensive archipelago that is located on the west coast of Scotland.
  19. Eyre: Gaelic girl’s name meaning “Ireland.” river in the novel ‘Jane Eyre’, written in 1847 by Charlotte Brontë.
  20. Nisa : of Guanche origin, it is the name of Princess Bibamche, daughter of Ossinissa, and means ‘the sold one’. Also name of a beautiful city in the south of France.
  21. Tiara : Name of Greek origin meaning “crowned with laurels.”
  22. Izara – Variant of the Basque name Izar, meaning “star.”
  23. Leya: name of Hindu origin that means “lion”.
  24. Alai : Variant of Alaia, a Basque name meaning “cheerful.”
  25. Alegra: comes from the Latin “alecer” which means “cheerful, lively”.
  26. Daiara : name of Hebrew origin meaning “divinity”
  27. Amaray : name of unknown origin that may have come from an indigenous language.
  28. Ayana : name of African origin meaning “beautiful flower”.
  29. Danya – Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge.”
  30. Eline – Variant of Elina, Swedish and Finnish variant of Elena, meaning “bright.”
  31. Fiama: of Italian origin, it means “fire, flame”.
  32. Xiara – Variant of Siara, African name meaning “pure, holy.”
  33. Diara : Name of African origin meaning “gift.”
  34. Daray – French name derived from the French surname d’Arcy, a village in France.
  35. Maike : name of German origin diminutive of Mary.
  36. Leyna : Diminutive of Elena, meaning “woman who shines or shines by the sun.”
  37. Yarel : name of Greek origin, meaning “gift from heaven.” It is worn by 54 girls with an average age of 3.9 years, which indicates that it is a name that is in trend lately.
  38. Dalma – Short for Dalmatia and means ‘she who came from Dalmatia’.
  39. Malu : Name of Hawaiian origin meaning “peaceful.
  40. Dayla : name of Hebrew origin meaning “to draw water” or “branch” . It is carried by 49 girls.
  41. Kaia: Basque variant of Caya. It is also the Norwegian variant of Kaja which is short for Katherine.
  42. Izana: female variant of Izan, a name that has gained popularity among children in recent years, and which is the Castilianized spelling of the English name “Ethan”, from Hebrew and whose meaning is “strong”, “solid”.
  43. Lamar – Unisex given name that comes from Latin and means “Of the sea.” It is worn by 48 girls with an average age of 5.9 years.
  44. Naray : of unknown origin
  45. Surya : unisex name. In Hindu mythology, Surya is considered the god of the Sun.
  46. Alaina : Gaelic word (ailin), meaning “little stone”, also from Old French meaning “beautiful”.
  47. Loana : It is believed that it could be a name of Hawaiian origin and that it means “good light”
  48. Vienna : name of Celtic origin meaning “white city”. Vienna is an Austrian city in Central Europe.
  49. Niara: of Swahili origin means ‘one who has great purposes’. It is worn by 44 girls with an average age of 8.2 years.
  50. Airis : Spanishized spelling of the name “Iris” which in Greek mythology, was the goddess of the rainbow.
  51. Amaral : name of Portuguese origin that refers to a home. It is also the name of a Spanish pop rock and rock music group.
  52. Ayra: name of Arabic origin that means respectable. It is worn by 39 girls with an average age of 6.2 years.
  53. Marea : Variant of Mar, nature-inspired name of Latin origin. It is worn by 37 girls.
  54. Miya : name of Japanese origin meaning “temple”.
  55. Ohana – means family in Hawaiian. It is carried by 35 girls with an average age of 4 years.
  56. Noel – is a unisex name, meaning Christmas in French. Traditionally, children born on December 25 were called this way.

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