Living25 Halloween-Inspired Girl and Boy Names for Your Baby

25 Halloween-Inspired Girl and Boy Names for Your Baby

Although it is not a date that particularly inspires tenderness, the truth is that there are parents who are very fond of Halloween and everything that this theme involves, so they consider choosing the name of a character related to it for their children.

We share 25 names for babies inspired by Halloween and some of the most emblematic characters of this time.

Halloween-inspired girl names

  • Buffy: we started our list taking inspiration from the famous vampire slayer. Buffy is a variant of the English name Elizabeth, which is of Hebrew origin and means “consecrated to God”, “promise of God”.
  • Carrie: after the protagonist of the famous novel by Stephen King with the same name. Carrie is a diminutive of Caroline, which in turn is a variant of Carla, a name of Germanic origin whose meaning is “the one who is strong”.
  • Circe: In Greek mythology, Circe was a powerful sorceress, famous for her knowledge of witchcraft, herbalism, and medicine. Circe means “cunning woman”.
  • Hilda: Inspired by one of Sabrina’s aunts, the famous teenage witch. Hilda is a name of German origin, which means “woman of battle”.
  • Lydia: by Lydia Deetz, from Beetlejuice. Lydia is a name of Greek origin, meaning “Lydia’s wife”.
  • Lily: inspired by Lily Munster, the mother of ‘The Munster Family’. Lily is short for Lilia, meaning “lily”.
  • Moon: one of the elements that we usually associate with Halloween and witches is the moon. The name of our natural satellite derives from the Latin “moon”, a contraction of “lucina” and means “to shine”, “to illuminate”.
  • Mary: For the writer Mary Shelley, author of ‘Frankenstein’ and Mary Sanderson, one of the three sisters of ‘Hocus Pocus’. Mary is the English form of Mary, a name of Hebrew origin meaning “beloved of God, lofty, eminent.” It is the most used names in the western world.
  • Mavis: Inspired by Dracula’s daughter from the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ film series. Mavis is a name of French origin meaning “songbird”.
  • Sabrina: for the famous teenage witch. Of Latin origin, Sabrina means “who lives on the other side of the border”, from the name of the Severno River.
  • Sally: inspired by the character of Sally, the rag doll in love with Jack in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Sally is a variant of the Hebrew name Sarah, which means “princess”.
  • Sarah: for one of the three Sanderson sisters from ‘Hocus Pocus’.
  • Selene: inspired by the moon.
  • Wendy: After the famous friendly little witch from the comics, famous for being Casper’s friend. Wendy is believed to be a literary name, created by the writer JM Barry for ‘Peter Pan’, but it is possible that it comes from Old English, derived from Gwendolin and whose meaning is “the one with the white eyelashes”, although it is also considered that It can be translated as “the true friend”.
  • Winnie: Inspired by Winnifred, the eldest of the Sanderson sisters in ‘Hocus Pocus’. Winnifreda comes from the Old German wini , “friend” and fridu , “protection” or “peace”, so Winnie, her diminutive means “friend of peace”.
  • Zelda: for the eldest of Sabrina’s aunts, the teenage witch. Zelda is a diminutive of Griselda, which is of German origin and means “grey battle”.

Halloween-inspired boy names

  • Bram: by the writer Bram Stoker, author of the novel ‘Dracula’. Bram is the Irish form of Abraham, meaning “father of all nations”.
  • Casper: Inspired by the famous friendly ghost. Casper means “treasurer”.
  • Edgar: by the writer Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most famous representatives of the horror novel. Edgar is a name of Polish origin, which means “he who defends his lands with a spear”.
  • Eduardo: inspired by ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ and Edward Cullen, the vampire protagonist of the ‘Twilight’ movies. Eduardo is the Spanish variant of Edward, from Old English ead , “wealth” or “fortune” and weard , “guardian”, thus meaning “guardian of wealth”.
  • Herman: Inspired by the father of the Munster family. Herman is a name of Germanic origin, meaning “army man”.
  • Igor: is the name given to the assistant of monsters like Dracula or Frankenstein in certain horror movies. Igor is of Scandinavian origin and is widespread in Russia. It means “defender of the god Ingwi”.
  • Jack: inspired by the protagonist of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Jack is a name of Hebrew origin with various meanings according to its etymology. On the one hand, there are those who consider that it comes from James, while others say that it is a variant of John, which in turn comes from John. There is a third possibility, and that is that it has a Celtic origin, whose meaning would be “health”.
  • Tim: in honor of film director Tim Burton, whose productions are characterized by being terrifying. Tim is short for Timoteo, which is a name of Greek origin and means “honoring God”.
  • Victor: Finally, we have a name inspired by Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who stars in Mary Shelley’s novel. Victor is a name of Latin origin whose meaning is “victorious, victorious”.

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As we have seen, despite its relationship with this “terrifying” holiday, there are some names for girls and boys inspired by Halloween that can be a nice option for our baby.

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