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iOS 16: These are the new features that came to iPhone

For many, September is the time to have a new version of iOS, in this case iOS 16, which comes loaded with improvements and changes in practically all the apps and screens of the iPhone. And in this new version Apple found a part of its software that hadn’t received much attention and gave it a makeover.

Key features and improvements in iOS 16

One of the main changes is in the lock screen change, where you can touch and slide the image and have various scenes. It is also easier to customize the font, color or location of elements on the screen, as well as having different versions of date and time.

The lock screen widgets were one of the features that attracted the most attention, as it is now possible to access information from the widgets, such as viewing the calendar without unlocking the phone, or simply by sliding your finger to the right to get to that page of widgets that everyone always forgets.

Another of the tools that has been very well accepted is the photo suggestion, because now iOS ‘intelligently’ suggests photos from the users’ library that look good on the lock screen.

Or it gives you the option to see a set of random photos automatically on the lock screen.

SharePlay debuts in Messages, now users can enjoy with other people the latest episode of their favorite series or a new song while chatting in Messages. Well now you can send these files easily.

How is Dynamic Island with iOS 16?

The new ‘notch’ called Dynamic Island relies on the integration between hardware and software to fundamentally change the way background tasks are managed on iPhones.

Now it’s possible to see a small piece of information when you press the notification without having to expand the entire widget, plus the live activities are also a kind of interactive widget, with live updating of sports scores and so on, but only a few proprietary apps seem to be using it so far.

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For the businessman, this concept is still not well understood by the population, in addition to the fact that he does not expect people to live in it for long periods.

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