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Is it mandatory to wear a mask after the end of the state of alarm in Spain? | End of alarm state

This Sunday, May 9, the state of alarm in Spain that had been in force since last October 25 ended. Now it is the autonomous communities that decide what measures will remain in force to stop an increase in coronavirus infections. There will be a curfew, the hours of bars and restaurants will remain limited, etc. However, one of the most common questions right now among Spaniards is the following: Is it mandatory to wear a mask without a state of alarm? Well, this is something that will not change once the State of Alarm decays. The mandatory use of the mask is regulated in Law 2/2021, of March 29, on urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Article 6 establishes that the mask is mandatory in outdoor spaces, on public roads and in any closed space that is open to the public or for public use. Therefore, the law remains in force as of 00:00 hours on May 9, so that the mask will continue to be mandatory, as it has been until now.The OCU asks that the mask is not mandatory outdoors The Organization of Consumers and Users this week has asked the central government and the autonomous communities that the use of the mask is no longer mandatory outdoors as long as the safety distance can be maintained. OCU experts believe that this is a very ineffective measure at present, and that it causes pandemic fatigue in citizens. They consider that scientific studies carried out since the Covid-19 pandemic began make it necessary to rethink some of the the prevention measures that are in force.From his point of view, what should be done at this time is to focus on protection measures inside public spaces, guaranteeing adequate ventilation and forcing the use of a mask. However, outdoors the probability of contagion is practically nil if the safety distance is maintained. The OCU also believes that the Government would have to establish a series of guidelines for people who have already received the complete vaccination schedule.

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