News"It's paradoxical": Söder criticizes the MPK traffic light government...

"It's paradoxical": Söder criticizes the MPK traffic light government – Corona is probably not the only topic

The next MPK is coming up: the federal and state governments will discuss Corona on Thursday – but probably not only. Söder previously expressed criticism. All news in the ticker.

  • Corona* : Markus Söder* criticized the federal government before MPK on Thursday (March 17).
  • Ukraine conflict* : Will the MPK become a Ukraine or energy summit?
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Munich – “It’s paradoxical: Corona is rising steeply and the federal government is getting out. The traffic light is not a sense of proportion, but the blind flight team,” criticized Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU *) on Instagram on Tuesday. After the cabinet meeting, his ministers announced at a press conference that the Free State was using a transitional arrangement. Bavaria is thus extending the protective measures until April 2nd.

MPK: Söder cancels Bavaria’s “Freedom Day” – these are the current rules

These include, among other things, the access rules (e.g. 3G for gastronomy) as well as the FFP2 mask requirement* in retail – here you will find an overview of all Corona rules for Bavaria. However, some measures are also omitted. If the new Infection Protection Act is passed in Berlin this week as previously planned, many requirements will also no longer apply in Bavaria from March 19.

Corona Infection Protection Act: These requirements could soon be abolished

  • Specifications for capacity and maximum number of people
  • Special regulations for church services and meetings
  • the ban on dancing and music in gastronomy
  • the previous ban on folk festivals and annual markets
  • the ban on partying in public places and selling alcohol

No Freedom Day for Bavaria? New corona rules in the Free State

Corona-MPK: Will the meeting become a Ukraine or energy summit?

On Thursday (March 17), the heads of the federal states will meet for the next Prime Ministers’ Conference (MPK). In addition to consultations on corona policy, the Ukraine conflict, which has escalated into war, and its consequences are likely to be on the agenda. “In addition to the deliberations on corona policy and the admission of Ukrainian refugees, this Prime Minister’s conference must be an energy summit,” Saarland’s Prime Minister Tobias Hans told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany , according to a pre-announcement on Tuesday.

Corona-MPK: Söder wants to make Ukraine an issue – “Humanity before budgetary constraints”

Bavaria also wants to address the issue at the MPK. The Free State is initially providing up to one billion euros for the accommodation of refugees from Ukraine. The municipalities are reimbursed 100 percent of the costs they incur for accommodation* – that is the promise of the Free State. At the same time, the state government is asking the federal government to bear the costs. One then hopes for corresponding reimbursements, said Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann on Wednesday. Söder announced that he would demand this from the federal government at the federal-state level. “Several federal states are not able to shoulder this financially,” said Söder. Therefore, the federal government must ensure the financing. “Humanity comes before budgetary constraints at this point.” (kam/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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For the first time since the end of January: Corona incidence in Germany falls...

The seven-day incidence in Germany has fallen to 876.5. However, not all corona data is reported in full on weekends and public holidays. All news in the ticker.

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