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Jan Böhmermann exposes the Erasmus Foundation: "Finally money for Nazis again"

Jan Böhmermann dismantles the AfD and its Desiderius Erasmus Foundation in ZDF Magazin Royale. Ruthless. Also in the wording. Keyword: Nazis. The TV review.

Frankfurt – “Finally money for Nazis again”. What a start into, that has already been spoiled, one of the best editions of ZDF Magazin Royale since the invention of ZDF. Only: Who does Jan Böhmermann mean when he speaks of Nazis? And what money does he mean? Enlightenment follows.

Sometimes, there are evenings when Jan Böhmermann looks for short cuts. And finds. Specifically, that means: evenings on which he evaporates the mostly rather shallow Kladderadatsch of the first third of his royal magazine. As a rule, this short version of the lame entry is followed by something that has become very rare in its relevance in linear television. A blessing that this time it is such an evening.

He steams the whole Berlin disagreement on a solal farce called “Sondiflash”. It is about amorous looks from FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing over to SPD colleague Lars Klingbeil, the shoulder bag from Greens colleague Michael Kellner and of course Annalena Baerbock, Robert Habeck, Olaf Scholz, CSU sniper Markus Söder and his CDU Victim Armin Laschet. This complex is adequately described with “very nice”.

Jan Böhmermann almost forgoes a swipe at Sebastian Kurz in ZDF Magazin Royale

But then. First of all: Jan Böhmermann almost completely waives satisfaction with the Austrian survey hairdresser with a part-time job as Federal Chancellor, i.e. with the miracle whirlpool Sebastian Kurz and his “turquoise family”. The incestuous relationship between the hot shooting star Kurz and his clique with certain media had already been neatly filleted by the satirist at the beginning of May, almost exactly five months before the public prosecutor’s investigations into corruption became known (please see here).

But of course he doesn’t do without it completely. O-Ton Böhmermann: “How did Böhmermann know that Austria was screwed? To be honest: everyone outside of Austria knows that. Halli hello. “The subsequent diabolical grin is perfect. And because he leaves it at that, he creates an unerringly seated, ultimate blow at the meta level. Just like back then, you remember. Ibiza, the FPÖ, coke and so on. There was something: “You think you’re smart, I know I’m stupid. You flatten some sharp bitches, I’d rather knock the government over. “

Instead of feasting on his second devastating blow against the right-right conservative clique in Vienna, Jan Böhmermann prefers to stir up the next political filth. Dirt that hopefully throws its finches back into the perfidious grinning face as soon as possible with a similarly accurate boomerang. In the crosshairs: the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation.

Jan Böhmermann dismantles the AfD’s Erasmus Foundation in ZDF Magazin Royale

Sounds boring? Oh what a mistake. Because what sounds boring has a lot to offer. Brief classification: The “DES” is the party-affiliated, pseudo-academic horror cabinet of the AfD. As “Böhmi” nicely puts it, the party-affiliated foundations are think tanks that are tipped in with tax money that they can de facto cheer for free. So far nobody has really cared about it. Although there is a lot of money involved. A lot of money. Millions of taxpayers money.

What the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (CDU), Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (SPD), Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Greens), Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung (FDP), Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (Left Party) and Hanns-Seidel Foundation (CSU) have so far employed their tax millions in this way, hardly anyone outside the caste of political nerds knows. This may also be due to the fact that the namesake were (at least in their circles) highly recognized people across the board.

From the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic to the legend of social democracy, from the author of one of the most relevant documents in German history (“Die lost honor of Katharina Blum” – reading recommendation with greetings to Axel Springer) to the “Naumann Circle” founder, from the grande dame of the Labor movement to the founder of the CSU hegemony in Bavaria: You can like these icons or not, their respective roles as patrons of the party-affiliated foundations seems logical. It is similarly logical, if one follows Jan Böhmermann and his well-rehearsed quotations, it is with Desiderius Erasmus.

The namesake of the AfD foundation Desiderius Erasmus, according to Böhmermann: “Islamophobic anti-Semite”

The namesake of the AfD-affiliated foundation shone with wonderfully obviously disgusting approaches. Böhmermann provides examples: “Erasmus of Rotterdam harbored a deep aversion to Judaism, which turned into hatred of Jews”. And: “He devoted an entire book to the question of why war should be waged against Turkey and its ‘malicious and criminal Mohamed’.” An Islamophobic anti-Semite. “

organization Desiderius Erasmus Foundation
founding 15th November 2017
Chair Erika Steinbach
legal form Registered association

The AfD-affiliated foundation doesn’t let Jan Böhmermann get away with it. He quotes newspaper articles in which it says, among other things: “Warning against right-wing cadre-forge”, “AfD-affiliated foundation: Alliance warns of right-wing ‘infiltration’ in the education sector” and “Strengthening right-wing extremism? Dispute over tax money for AfD-affiliated foundation. “

As the first article, Jan Böhmermann fades in “Erasmus Foundation: The federal government could support AfD-affiliated foundation with millions”. But more on that later. What all articles – and also what Jan Böhmermann then points out – have in common: They are loud, shrill alarm sirens. Because: With its repeated entry into the Bundestag, the AfD would now also have the right to have its foundation showered with millions of taxpayers’ money. In order, well, to do education with it. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to imagine the kind of “formation” an AfD foundation would take.

Erasmus Foundation close to the AfD: Jan Böhmermann destroys Erika Steinbach

If you lack this imagination, we recommend a look at the issue of ZDF Magazin Royale discussed here. We don’t want to reveal too much, just: names like Erika Steinbach (Head of Striftung), Götz Kubitschek and Björn Höcke play a prominent role. Which leads to the next point: The foundation millions are not in any law.

The Bundestag simply passes it. Again every (four) years. Somewhere it says that anti-constitutional foundations should be left out. Is the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation anti-constitutional? The best thing to do is to look at the current issue of Royale magazine. In any case, one looked good: Karla Kolumna. According to Böhmermann, she disguised herself as a waiter and snuck in for a whole weekend in a hotel in the red light district of Frankfurt at an Erasmus foundation meeting. She heard disgusting things. And Jan Böhmermann even provided photos of them as proof.

All that would be needed is the courage of the democratic parties in the Bundestag not to transfer millions of tax euros, i.e. money that you, dear readers, grudgingly grudgingly with your hard earned money every month, to this ghost train . To a group that will certainly not pump money into workshops on the subject of “Democracy, Tolerance and the Basics of the FDGO”. But rather in the training of extreme right-wing extremists. So far, little has been heard of this courage on the part of the MPs.

Tax money for the AfD-affiliated Erasmus Foundation

What could be heard here and there, however, was the amount of the million dollar sum that was supposed to be involved. However, she was not mentioned in ZDF Magazin Royale. Evil tongues claim that this could be because bad letters are being sent in such a case. The article quoted by Jan Böhmermann at the beginning, “Erasmus Foundation: The federal government could support AfD-affiliated foundation with millions” is the best example of this.

“ZDF Magazin Royale” with Jan Böhmermann

“State funding for AfD Foundation”, ZDF, from Friday, October 8th, from 11pm. On the net: ZDF media library.

But what is the reason for this restrictive approach? Demand in the vicinity of the Anne Frank educational facility. It is a “cheap scam of the AfD” to intimidate editors by “threatening their lawyer with lawsuits”. And: “It’s also a business model. The AfD finances itself with warnings ”. So a party that keeps calling out for freedom of expression should send a lawyer to the front against freedom of the press? In the British original of the series “House of Cards”, the main character Francis Urquhart has a favorite sentence: “You might very well think that – I couldn’t possibly comment.”

A direct word to Jan Böhmermann and his now strong editorial team: The author of these lines would find it covered by artistic freedom if Royale magazine happened to take a closer look at this topic.

Jan Böhmermann names AfD and Erasmus Foundation eight times “Nazis” in ZDF magazine

But Jan Böhmermann wasn’t finished with the AfD. Or rather: the brilliant Twitter user @ souzo1910. The fact (self-description: “Proud dog mom / anti-fascist / sarcastic pain in the ass with weird humor”) summed up after this memorable episode of ZDF Magazin Royale: “When the AfD was founded, Steinbach probably first thought it was her wet dream. Cool! Finally Nazis again! Stable performance by Böhmi, who referred to the AfD as a Nazi eight times. Can’t be repeated often enough. “

So, with all critical journalistic distancing and as a pure quote from Jan Böhmermann: For the satirist, the AfD and its foundation are “Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis” and: “Nazis”. To say it again with the wonderfully malicious Francis Urquhart, Mr. Böhmermann: “You may see it that way, but I can’t comment on it!” Heart, Faust, wink wink. (Mirko Schmid)

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