FunAstrologyFor Jan Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is “a joke”

For Jan Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is “a joke”

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

Modern and reliable trains that reach every corner of the Federal Republic would be desirable in many respects: the climate would be helped, the general quality of life would be better – and there would be fewer TV reports on the ZDF about the state of our rail traffic.

This episode of ZDF Magazin Royale is actually about Deutsche Bahn. A topic that the colleagues of the Today Show or Extra 3 have already dared to tackle. At the same time moderator Jan Böhmermann manages to make fun of the first show. However, the humor of this edition differs little.

ZDF Magazin Royale: Deutsche Bahn sets wrong priorities

Böhmermann manages to get started with the exciting topic of fuel prices, which has blown the fuse for many conservatives in recent days. But there was a ZDF magazine about the car madness in Germany months ago. So the train, which millions of people use every day, has to do the job.

Böhmermann wants to show why reliable train service is currently not possible with Deutsche Bahn. The railway offers plenty of attack surfaces. As an example, in addition to high prices and dilapidated train stations, the lack of connections to more than 100 towns and cities is given. Böhmermann consults the Basic Law. In it, the right of Germans to travel by train was laid down – but only for long-distance travel, as he later revealed. Everything else should be done by the car in Germany. And that is politically desired.

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In addition, ten percent of the rail network has been shut down since 1994 for purely economic reasons, explains an expert. Railway lines with a total length of 3,600 kilometers were affected. Since then, wrong priorities have been set and qualitative standards have been neglected. With 525 subsidiaries, Deutsche Bahn does everything and everywhere, from logistics to energy supply – except for creating reliable rail traffic (especially not to and from Chemnitz). Incidentally, everything was perfect before the rail reform, Böhmermann seems to claim. A few interviews with citizens from 1963, still in black and white, should prove this.

ZDF Magazin Royale: “The train is a joke”

As always, the research is wrapped in humor. Sayings about Deutsche Bahn are constantly being displayed, which could come from the “Whatsapp family group” and are presented with a silly voice from the off: “Deutsche Bahn calls it a timetable. I call it ‘non-binding departure recommendation with platform suggestion’.” The joke is of course to be understood as being ironic, even if you can’t believe Jan Böhmermann that he doesn’t celebrate the Whatsapp humor after all. Otherwise he would not devote his program to this topic.

“You just have to say on stage: ‘I hate Deutsche Bahn’ and the people laugh,” states Böhmermann. “The train is a joke that no longer needs a punchline.” Well recognized. But Böhmermann continues the tradition of train bashing in the best Alman manner. And even a joke that he makes without a trace of irony causes pain: “Here in Cologne, they built an obscenely large church right next to the train station.”

ZDF Magazine Royale

“Frustration direction: Deutsche Bahn” on Friday, March 18, 2022, 11:10 p.m. on ZDF – link to media library

This episode of the ZDF Magazin Royale only warms up the topic of the messed up rail reform and serious shortcomings in German rail traffic. Given the format’s otherwise quite adventurous choice of topic, that’s rather surprising, even if it’s becoming a little more relevant again in these weeks.

Senk ju for traveling with ZDF Magazin.

Jan Böhmermann, German comedy award winner

At least Jan Böhmermann draws the right conclusion: For example, in view of rising fuel prices, there should be no tank discounts, but discounted rail transport. Most can also agree that Deutsche Bahn must be fit to fight the climate crisis. But it didn’t take the 30 minutes of airtime to get this insight. The Böhmermann audience on Friday evening will have already agreed with him anyway. (lrg)

For Jan Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is “a joke”

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

ZDF Magazin Royale: For Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is "a joke"

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

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