NewsJan Böhmermann has Corona: "You really don't look good"

Jan Böhmermann has Corona: "You really don't look good"

Now the corona virus has also struck Jan Böhmermann: As the satirist revealed to his “Fest & Fluffy” interlocutor Olli Schulz in the joint podcast, a COVID-19 infection could be detected – but he has his sense of humor despite the “shitty disease “ preserved!

Cologne – Actually, Jan Böhmermann (41; all news about the “ZDF Magazin Royale” moderator at a glance) is always up for a joke, but a few days ago the “ZDF Magazin Royale” satirist suddenly stopped laughing: After the 41 -year-old noticed the first corona symptoms, a quick test finally brought certainty – the moderator had been infected with COVID-19. With podcast partner Olli Schulz (48), the native of Bremen spoke openly about his state of health, as reported by

Jan Böhmermann Satirist, presenter, musician and author
Born February 23, 1981 in Bremen
TV moderation including Neo Magazin, Neo Magazin Royale and ZDF Magazin Royale
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Jan Böhmermann reports on “Fest & Flauschig” about a corona infection – Olli Schulz teases him

The number of corona cases in this country just doesn’t really want to go down, because more than 100,000 Germans are still infected with the virus every day. One of them is now Jan Böhmermann, who now, after two years, is also infected, as he revealed in his “Fest & Flauschig” podcast.

“I’ll say it straight away: I have Corona,” explained the “ZDF Magazin Royale” moderator to his interlocutor Olli Schulz. He reacted – as you know it from conversations between the two – with malice: “Have you really caught it? These are really the last lollipops that are now catching Corona on the final sprint.”

Der Satiriker Jan Böhmermann neben Oliver Marc „Olli“ Schulz


Jan Böhmermann got it: As he revealed to his “Fest & Flauschig” interlocutor Olli Schulz in the latest podcast episode, the 41-year-old satirist has been infected with the corona virus

Jan Böhmermann has Corona – “ZDF Magazin Royale” moderator complains of symptoms

Olli Schulz had previously noticed the satirist’s “very glassy eyes” and addressed Jan Böhmermann directly to his exhausted appearance: “You really don’t look that good.”

There was a reason for that: “I recorded the show on Thursday, did four more tests, all negative,” said Böhmermann, who finally got a positive test result on Friday (March 4). “There he was, the little rascal,” explained the 41-year-old, proving that he had at least kept his sense of humor. The comedian had previously felt “different” and had a headache.

Jan Böhmermann complains about COVID-19 infection – “This shitty disease”

Jan Böhmermann could also clearly hear that he is not quite fit: The “Fest & Fluffy” podcaster spoke in a nasal voice and seemed exhausted. The Cologne native by choice could not have imagined a worse time for his corona infection, because the war in Ukraine also seems to be a burden on the ZDF moderator: “And now this shitty disease is added.”

But the satirist, who is double-vaccinated and boosted, gave his fans the all-clear: his symptoms weren’t “so super bad” as he revealed. It is not yet known what his COVID-19 disease means for the next “ZDF Magazin Royale” issue.

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