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Jan Böhmermann with lame jokes about Deutsche Vermögensberatung: I've heard it all before

Jan Böhmermann takes a look at the behavior of the Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) in ZDF Magazin Royale. Unfortunately, there is not much going on. The TV review.

Cologne – Some sayings are so worn out that it almost hurts to hear or read them. Or worse: to write them. These include chic but meaningless phrases such as “at the end of the day” or “as of today”. This also includes banal idioms like “life is not a pony farm”, “there hops and malt are lost” and – and here we are with the motto of today’s issue of ZDF Magazin Royale with Jan Böhmerman – “not fish and not meat”.

So episodes that are neither really funny (in contrast to the CBD edition of ZDF Magazin Royale from the end of October), nor particularly impressive. As a rule, these are the evenings on which Jan Böhmermann pulls a criminally neglected topic into the light of day, which until then had remained largely closed to the general public. On this evening, Böhmermann differs little in his intention and also in his effectiveness from modern political influencers like Rezo or investigative journalists like Günter Wallraff or Hajo Seppelt.

The current issue manages to make yourself comfortable somewhere in between. The middle child, so to speak, and it is well known that they don’t have it easy. The start succeeds. Right at the beginning, Böhmermann joked about “the comeback of the week:” Wetten, dass ..?, TV Total and Corona are back. All with great numbers. ”And:“ This week, the retro incidence on German television rose to 2,600, retro is trendy. ”

ZDF Magazin Royale is rarely really funny and at the same time really relevant

In doing so, he meets the zeitgeist of those days of television, which at first come with a foreign shame and somehow pleasantly nostalgic resurrection of the large tanker “Wetten, dass ..?” brought. And made a lot of quota with it. Jan Böhmermann, on the other hand, has chosen a different path since moving from the neo-niche to the main program. Its setting has undergone a noticeable evolution and has been more serious ever since. Adult, one might think.

What has been missing from the still excellent show since then is the unexpected and shrill humor, as it is carried in the brilliant Rainer Wendt song or all Pol1z1stens0hn tracks. Satire, but serene. This place has always had a stronger focus on the investigative part of the program, which had an impact from time to time during the ZDFneo era (keyword “Vera-Fake”).

That creates a dilemma. If the investigative part does not have enough force, depth or social relevance, an issue of ZDF magazine fizzles out in a vacuum. Then this format doesn’t really know what it wants to be and ultimately no longer finds itself. Like on Friday. Jan Böhmermann unpacks the cape of the Captain Obvious, which has been mothballed for some time, the symbol of the denominator of the obvious.

ZDF Magazin Royale on DVAG: Jan Böhmermann explains the obvious

And it explains to an audience that has long since been fully informed about the fact that financial companies keep pyramid schemes going and build pyramids. Pyramids, at the top of which the few enjoy themselves between pools, parties and Porsches (sometimes too good, like certain gentlemen on “business trips” in Bulgaria), while the many plow under immense pressure without even being able to sniff the Porsche .

Of course, Böhmermann also does not go unmentioned that the business model of Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) is, well, a little bit semi-silky. The satirist recounts that half a dozen contracts are tricked into a young man that he actually doesn’t need. But it is also easy to open the door to the representatives of a company, for which people advertise who may seem familiar to many of us despite all the prominence. Among them: Helene Fischer, Joey Kelly, Mick Schumacher, Fabian Hambüchen, Britta Heidemann, Horst Lichter and Jürgen Klopp.

Böhmermann is not deterred by this: “DVAG is nothing more than a pyramid system in which it is only about one thing: sell, sell, sell. The DVAG is a brainwashing column of pushers that uses unscrupulous methods to drive people into financial ruin. And rewarded himself for it with gold watches and great cruises, ”says the ZDF presenter in a rage.

ZDF Magazin Royale: Jan Böhmermann grinds a ten year old joke

Further: “And in order to hide what is really going on, DVAG does great advertising and PR campaigns and uses the good image of high-class celebrities such as Jürgen Klopp, Helene Fischer and Angela Merkel.” DVAG your response (“You have a great concept.”). At this moment Böhmermann manages to remember memories of the ingenious, two-part documentary “Insurance Agents”. A masterpiece about the uninhibited lust for money of the brokerage industry around a protagonist who does not try to hide the hard bandages of his guild.

“ZDF Magazin Royale” with Jan Böhmermann

“Sell, sell, sell – how the system of Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG works”, from Friday, November 12, 2021, from 11 p.m. On the net: ZDF media library.

And yet this issue of ZDF Magazin Royale remains something in between. She’s absolutely not funny. Come on, a hair transplant stunt to fool Jürgen Klopp? The joke was already ridden to death in the days of Wayne Rooney’s foreign hair regimen. That was an impressive ten years ago. So much retro doesn’t have to be. And it’s not really relevant.

Once again, ZDF Magazin Royale doesn’t know where it actually wants to go

On the one hand, because it can hardly be revealed when the emperor has long been standing naked on the market square. Because anyone who is even halfway at consolation does not give their money to windy, gelled-haired and unasked ringing yuppies with off-the-peg suits and leased Porsches. And because at least since the sex scandal of the Hamburg Mannheim subcontractor HMI, a broad public has been able to glimpse the machinations of this special species.

On the other hand, because in the 20 minutes that Jan Böhmermann has to devote himself to this topic, there is simply too little depth and space for startling news. Instead, this ZDF Magazin Royale degenerates into a kind of teaser. To an appetizer for the ZDF program Frontal, which will deal with the topic in detail on November 16, 2021 and which Böhmermann happily points out. It might even be worthwhile to zap in frontal on Tuesday. But one could have done without having watched the ZDF magazine Royale. (Mirko Schmid)

For Jan Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is “a joke”

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

For Jan Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is “a joke”

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

ZDF Magazin Royale: For Böhmermann, Deutsche Bahn is "a joke"

In ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann reaches for the lowest-hanging fruit in all of Germany.

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